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…Microsoft’s Surface is taking over your table?

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft, apparently jealous of Apple’s touch sensitive iPhone iNterface, decided to unveil some touch based computing magic of its own in the form of the Microsoft Surface, a Minority Report style coffee table that is supposed to revolutionize the way we interact with our computers.

Microsoft Surface Table

If it’s anything like the demo reel, it should be nothing short of spectacular, though it’s going to be a few years before anyone who can’t afford a Ferrari can afford one of these. No word yet on weather or not it can precog.

[Microsoft Surface]

…The ModBook is a tablet MacBook?


Axiotron picked up Mac’s slack with their new ModBook, a tablet style MacBook mod. Retaining most of the original specs of the MacBook donor, the ModBook adds a built-in GPS module, and the Penabled Wacom digitizer for all of your inputing needs. The pen input “runs at 20x display resolution, with 256 pressure levels and zero battery use, and the MacBook’s LCD is protected with some chemically strengthened glass, complete with a paper-like texture and anti-reflective coating”. Apple’s own built-in Inkwell technology handles the writing ability, and the slot-loading disk drive makes this the only slate-style tablet computer with a built in CD/DVD drive. If you’ve been waiting for a tablet Mac to hit the shelves, wait no longer, you ModBook is here.


[Via: Engadget]

…Shuttle makes one sweet gaming rig?

Shuttle SDXI

Shuttle’s new 1337 Series SDXI crams some serious gaming power into their notoriously small form factor PC platform. The offering include a fully internal liquid-cooling system, an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 processor, two AMD ATI Radeon X1950 Pro CrossFire graphics cards, two 10,000 RPM 150GB hard drives, and 2GB of Crucial ballistix DDR2 memory, all covered in an awesome flame job from Smooth Creations. If you consider yourself among gaming’s 1337, then this is the PC for you. N00bs need not apply.


[Smooth Creations]

[Via: Ubergizmo]

…Sony’s VAIOs aren’t Macs, and they aren’t PCs?

Sony Australia got a little jealous of Apple’s very creative Get A Mac advertising campaign, and decided to do a little spin-off of their own. Apparently, Sony feels that their Sony VAIO line should not be considered a PC, is definitely not a Mac, but instead, deserves its own category. Unless Sony plans to offer their own software, or do more than just put some pretty curtains up to cover the Windows though, I think their differentiation goes about as far as creating a few cute little ad rips and calling it a day. Maybe that’s their intended slogan: “I’m a PC, and I’m a Mac, and I’ve got no originality”.

[I’m A VAIO]

[Get A Mac]

[Via: TUAW]

…Hard drives are complex devices?

If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on inside your hard drive as it’s spinning and clicking away, serving up your illegal MP3s and whatever else your computer gets used for, this video should take a little bit of the mystery away from the silver box. Done with an old hard drive (aka, probably not a good idea to try this with that brand new 500GB behemoth you just bought), a few simple actions such as cutting and pasting and deleting a folder are performed, giving you a pretty good idea of the speed these things are working at. It’s impressive how quickly and accurately a hard drive does its thing, and definitely something I’ve wanted to see for some time now.

[Via: MAKE: Blog]