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…Chain mail is now an accessory for your purse?

Chain Mail Purse

If you’ve ever had the fear that someone might jump out of a dark alley and stab your purse, then you might be interested in the recycled pull-tab shoulder bag by Francisca Ribeiro De Souza. Looking like a chain mail incarnation of a purse, the hand-crocheted bag uses more than 700 recycled aluminum pull-tabs, features a nylon liner, a zipper closure and one inside zippered pocket (large enough for your cell phone of course). You can match this bag with your day or evening wear (though I hope your evening wear doesn’t consist of a pull-tab chain mail dress).

[Pull-Tab Bag]

[Via: bookofjoe]

…Your watch can be a Dreamcast?

Dreamcast Watch

If you love old school gaming (and who doesn’t) then wear your heart on your wrist with the Dreamcast watch. Though not an actual Dreamcast (that would be amazing), the watch, which was actually commissioned by Sega and is not a cheap knock off, has a Dreamcast case style body that flips open to show the time. Wear this with your Pac Man tie and let the world know your true passions.


[Via: Gizmodo]

…There is a video guide to the art of wetshaving?

With the introduction of shaving razors featuring four and five blades that vibrate in an effort to get your face impossibly smooth, shaving technique has come to the forefront of modern man’s hygienic routine. Wetshaving, or the art of shaving with lots and lots of water, is becoming more popular lately. Though shaving companies want you to believe that the more blades the better, and that their razor will give your face that ice rink feel you are looking for, the truth is that the razor your grandpa probably used can be what finally gives you that elusively smooth skin. The key to a good wetshave is a good razor, a good brush, and a good shaving cream (though I guess that seems somewhat obvious, it’s what constitutes a good version of each category that makes this interesting. A good razor doesn’t have to be the newest model from Gillette or whatever has the most blades at the supermarket; the tried and true classic double-edge safety razor is the tool serious wetshavers choose most. A good brush is one made of badger hair. Though expensive, this is the one tool that can make or break a good shave. You don’t need to spend $100s, but be prepared to spend at least $50 to get a good quality badger hair brush. Lastly, a good shaving cream can turn that daily routine into a spa quality pampering. These creams can smell of lavender or citrus, instead of the deodorant smell your current supermarket special has, and will soon spoil you with the best skin protection and the finest shaves you never though possible. Recently, a user of YouTube published a three part series about the art of wetshaving, called “Introduction to Traditional Wetshaving”. If you’re a visual learner, or just want some good advice and a visual reference, these videos are definitely worth checking out. Soon, you’ll be on your way to a whole new level of close shaving.

Part 1: Concepts

Part 2: Lathering

Part 3: Shaving

…American Apparel sells very sexy clothing?

American Apparel Model

In another example of mixing pornography (though this time soft-core) with advertising, American Apparel features a gallery page where you can get to know more about their models (including what they look like in their underwear and after a shower in a white t-shirt). In their own words: “American Apparel values a natural aesthetic when it comes to our clothes as well as our models”. Check out the site to see some very Fiona Apple-esque photo slide shows of their retail employees and their models (Probably not safe for work, though there isn’t any full nudity).

…PepperFace pepper spray comes crystal covered?

Crystal Pepper Spray

So it seems a little oxymoronic to carry around something to prevent muggings, that could itself be the source of muggings, like this Swarovsky crystal-embedded pepper spray. Designed to turn pepper spray casings into jewelry that could even be worn on the wrist or around the neck, if you’ve got the money for one of these, just use that cash to rent a U-Haul and move to a new (and hopefully nicer) neighborhood.


[Via: Gizmodo]