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…Nike Blazers are pretty in pink?

Pink Nike Shoes

Nike Blazer Lows are a sweet pair of women’s kicks. Drawing inspiration from the original 1970’s Blazer basketball shoes, the new version features “a splash of pretty”, which I think means a pink swoosh, pink laces, and pink flower patterns.


[Via: Outblush]

…Tire rings give your relationship some grip?

Tire Ring

Passionate about cars, mountain bikes, or motorcycles almost as much as you are about your significant other? Prove it with a tire ring. Ranging anywhere from $64.60 for a .925 silver bike tire to $5071.84 for a platinum car tire, these rings are sure to be unique. If you wanted to ride up to your wedding on a motorcycle, take your vows trials bike style, and then ride off into the sunset in your customized Porsche race car, then complete the theme and exchange a set of tire rings to seal that motor powered holy matrimony for eternity. Plus, they should make good eBay material if you “tire” of the marriage (that was bad, but it had to be done).

[Brian Bergeron Designs]

[Via: Autoblog]

…The cardboard hanger monster is a good use of recyclable material?


Graduates from the Industrial Design department at St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Industry in Russia (Wow that’s a long name) have created what they call a Universal Hanger. Made of 100% recyclable cardboard, it can be made from any sheet material such as corrugated cardboard or thin sheet plastic. The design is convenient for warehousing and transportation, folding flat so that 1000 hangers form a pile only 3000mm (118 inches = 9 feet 10 inches) tall. Little assembly is necessary and they can be disassembled easily for storage. The cardboard can also be easily customized with designs or logos. My favorite part though is that the finished hanger kind of looks like a face if you squint and tilt your head. Neat-o!

[Industrial Design]

[Via: Core77]

…Cuffs no longer need be left uncuffed?

Emergency Cufflinks

“Hey James Bond, you forgot your cufflinks!” Never hear those dreaded words again with Emergency Cufflinks. Wallet Essentials, known for their credit card sized wallet necessities, created these cufflinks, made of 316 stainless steel and stored two sets to a card. You simply pop them out, fold them into shape, and you’re partying in no time. Put Q’s job in peril for only $15 a set.

[316 Wallet Essentials]

[Via: Uncrate]

…Carbon fiber baseball hats are not worn by F1 drivers?

Grinity Baseball Cap

Let everyone know your lack of fashion style, but through love of F1 technology, with a carbon fiber baseball cap. Grinity’s hat can be had in either regular carbon fiber or silver or gold weave for that extra gaudy touch. The head part is made of microsuede in your choice of colors, but the pink with gold weave is my personal favorite.

[Grinity Caps]

[Via: Gizmodo]