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…Java is a good soda flavor?


JavaPop is the nation’s first organic and fair trade certified coffee soda; a carbonated, non-dairy based, 100% natural coffee drink that’s “made from ingredients you can pronounce”. Though I’m skeptical about the taste of a coffee flavored soda, it sounds like it’s made of some good stuff, so I’d be interested to try it. Plus, they use recycled materials in all of their packaging, so you don’t have to worry about your drink downing the environment. How refreshing.


[Via: TreeHugger]

…Cooks use code?

Waffle House Code

One eagle-eyed Waffle House patron made an interesting discovery while perched atop a barstool on morning: Waiters and the kitchen staff communicate with a condiment code. Different arrangements of condiments and plate indicate everything from what the main course is to how you want your eggs done. It’s like if James Bond worked at an IHOP.

[Flickr – Waffle House Grill Cook Cheat Sheet]

[Via: Boing Boing]

…BLTs smell great?

BLT Candle

Lettuce never really seemed like a very smelly food to me, but apparently the smell is strong enough to make a candle out of it. The BLT Scented Votive Candles Set includes bacon, which equals freedom, lettuce, which equals love, and tomato, which equals passion, and the combined aromas are supposed to be “sensual, sexy and tantalizing”. I’d add hunger inducing to that list, though if you burn these in the kitchen, maybe that’s what you’re going for anyways. If you like candles, but don’t like the scent of flowers, fire up a set of these and let your stomach lead the way.

[Grateful Palate – BLT Scented Votive Candle Set]

[Via: ThisNext]

…Cannibal banquets aren’t real?

Cannibal Banquet

When I first read about cannibal banquets, I had my doubts, but I figured that stranger things have been tried in the name of high fashion food, so I assumed it was possible. The idea behind the banquets was that Japanese food was served inside of a human corpse, piñata style, and then diners would cut away at the body to get at the meat within. The body would even bleed when cut, just to give it that little bit of extra authenticity. Though vorephiliacs would probably jump at the chance, I think most people would cringe at the idea of eating a human body, even a fake one, so I’m not surprised by the fact that this is most likely a one-time hoax featuring some creative photography and a somewhat believable backstory.

[Via: Boing Boing]