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…It’s Things Thursday: Cocaine?


The energy drink market is filled with promises and potential, colors and animals, so how do you stand out from the crowd? You name your drink Cocaine, that’s how. By naming your drink after an illegal substance, you gain instant publicity (there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?) as parents try to stop you, and instant popularity as kids try to drink you. So what’s in this “legal alternative” anyways? While they’re not going to sneak in any of the good stuff (wouldn’t addicted customers be great?), they do pack in:


Plus, with only 18g of sugar and 70 calories per serving, you’ll probably burn off the extra calories through teeth chattering alone. Apparently it tastes great, and with 350% greater energy than “The Bull”, it’s sure to have a few energy drink converts, though you might want to check for any preexisting heart problems before downing something like this, because in the end, Cocaine will always be a killer.


…Vending machines can make pizzas?

Wonder Pizza

Americans love the convenience of the vending machine, but would you trust one to crank out a fresh baked pizza for you? Wonder Pizza, and Italian creation, “holds, cooks and serves 9” whole pizza pies in just 2 minutes”. 6 million R&D dollars went into the design and manufacture of this machine, and the end result looks like a pizza ATM, but judging by the popularity of drive through lanes and convenience store food, I’d say it’s going to be a success.

[Wonder Pizza]

[Via: Tastespotting]

…The Bhut Jolokia is hot?

Naga Jolokia

A new pepper has been crowned king of hot thanks to the Guinness Book of World Records. The Bhut Jolokia chili (AKA The Naga Jolokia Pepper) from India registered 1,001,304 Scoville heat units, far surpassing the previous champions, the Red Savina chili, which only registered 577,000 units, and the Dorset Naga, which registered between 876,000 and 970,000 units. Just to give you an idea, here are the Scoville heat units of some of the peppers you probably ingest on a more regular basis:

    0 – Bell Pepper
    100-500 – Pepperoncini
    1000-1500 – Poblano
    2500-10,000 – Jalapenos and Chipolte
    5000-23,000 – Serrano
    30,000-50,000 – Cayenne
    80,000 & up – Habenero, Scotch Bonnet

Hot salsa has just been given a new definition.

[Wikipedia – Naga Jolokia Pepper]

[Via: Slashfood]

…Absinthe is for men?

Are You Man Enough definitely has a target market in mind with their “Are you man enough?” campaign. Absinthe is a high alcohol volume (usually 50-75.5%) liquor that is infused with a mix of herbs such as anise, hyssop, veronica, fennel, lemon balm, angelica and wormwood that give it a distinctive bright green color and a “plethora of flavors”. The wormwood is what has made the drink so popular, as ingesting enough of it gives you mysterious psychoactive effects thanks to the thujone that the wormwood produces. Though it’s been banned in 38 countries, Absinthe is legal to own in the United States, as long as it’s not sold in bars or liquor stores. That doesn’t stop you from ordering it online though, and partying with “The Green Fairy” all night long. Are you man enough?


[Wikipedia – Absinthe]

…The culinary world is wild?

Curious Fork/Furious Cork

Curious Fork/Furious Cork has both the coolest and the hardest (try saying it five times fast) name I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s “the alternative wining & dining network” that is currently a (net)work in progress, but is supposedly going to be “the wildest thing to hit the culinary world”. With a name like that though, how can you go wrong?

[Curious Fork/Furious Cork]