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…Shaking salt is a good way to pass the time?

Salt Hourglass

In a definitively different way of looking at common objects, Nariaki Satoh has created a saltshaker that looks and functions like an hourglass. Though it can’t be used to tell actual time (since you do plan on actually using the salt, and thus, changing the amount of time inside of the shaker, right?), it can be used to pass time quite effectively while waiting for dinner to be ready.

[Nariaki Satoh]

[Via: Sensory Impact]

…A five-pound burger looks like an ice cream sundae?

Giant Burger

A man named Tim took on an edible challenge of gigantic proportions at the new The Counter restaurant in Palo Alto, CA. The Counter’s pitch is that you can build your own burger, including choosing your own meat, size, cheese, toppings, sauce, and bun type. The 54 toppings make for 312,120 different combinations, but only one makes you a food legend: every possible topping. After putting together this five-pound concoction, it looks more like an ice cream sundae than a burger, and I’m sure it tasted like neither. Check out the blog for a complete diary of this momentous occasion.


[The Counter]

…The Margaritaville Blender will make you a Mexican party?

Margaritaville Drink Maker

Get your drink on with the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker. Made of stainless steel, glass and ABS plastic, this blender will both shave ice and blend up the perfect restaurant-style frozen drink (such as a Margarita). The blender will automatically mix the right amount of ice and other ingredients (drunk juice) for those perfect beach sides escapes (or pool side if you can’t make the trip to Cabo Wabo). Also included is a shot glass and salt rimmer, for that truly authentic experience.

[Margaritaville Blender]

[Via: Outblush]

…Miele has created a Starbucks replacement?

Miele Coffee

If you like your coffee, and I mean really like your coffee, then the Miele CVA615 coffee system may be for you (That’s right, I said system, this isn’t your mother’s coffee pot). It features a 500g coffee bean container, steel customizable coffee grinder, brewing unit, used coffee grounds container, 2.5 liter water reservoir, integrated lighting, two dispensing spouts, hot water spout, frothing arm, safety lock, and an LCD display that can talk to you in 7 different languages! This thing makes coffee, tea, lattes, and cappuccinos. If you want, you can even have this installed with a plate-warmer underneath so you never have to use a cold cup again. Unleash your inner Starbucks barista, and never look at coffee the same again.


[Via: Uncrate]