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…There’s a tool to guard your banana from the perils of the lunchbox?

Banana Guard

If your lunchbox needs a little more phallic pizzazz (Wow that’s a lot of Zs), then you may be in the market for a banana guard. Designed to protect the easily damaged banana during lunch duty transport, the banana guard has such features as perforations to facilitate ventilation and prevent premature ripening, and a sturdy locking mechanism to keep the guard closed. It was designed to fit the vast majority of bananas (Phew, I though my banana type would be left out), it can also be used to transport the banana peel home if you don’t believe in decomposition. It’s also dishwasher safe, in case it gets covered in gooey banana juice. They’re available in eight different colors, such as skyhigh blue and ravishing red, so start collecting now before they run out of mellow yellow and your stuck explaining why you have a pretty in pink banana in your pocket.

[Banana Guards]

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…There’s a guide to being a regular?

Ever wanted to go to a place where everybody knows your name? Urban Monarch has tips on how to become a regular at your restaurant of choice. Some nice guidelines, including:

  • Visit the same restaurant three times in the first month, then once a month ongoing. These are minimums, visit more if you like.
  • Tip 20% of the total bill (tax, drinks, everything) and round up to the nearest dollar.
  • If you ask for advice take it. Don’t ask what the server recommends if you know you want the pasta.
  • If you order a nice bottle of wine, ask the server if they would like to sample it. They may decline, but the gesture makes an impression.

And a few that seem more than obvious (though I guess in today’s age are worth reinforcing):

  • Say thank you when receiving service.
  • Turn off your cell phone while dining.

So if you’re looking for better service at your favorite dining establishment, follow their tips and feel like a mob boss in no time.

[Urban Monarch]

…Your house can smell like the inside of an ice cream parlor?

Waffle Cone Room Spray

Ice cream architects Ben & Jerry have come out with a ‘unique’ way to keep your room smelling fresh. With just a few pumps of the 4 oz. bottle, the Waffle Cone Room Spray will “make your room smell like freshly baked waffle cones”. Makes me wonder if this is approved for use by diabetics? Either way, if you’ve been having trouble getting hungry lately and need a little motivation, head over to Ben & Jerry’s and pick up a bottle (just don’t drink it, I’m sure it tastes much worse than it smells).

[Ben & Jerry’s]

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