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…You can fish with a lure worth more than your boat?

Million Dollar Lure

If you’ve got more money than cents (wow, definitely pun intended), check out the MacDaddy million-dollar fishing lure. It’s made of three pounds of gold (both 14-k and 18-k for whatever reason) and platinum, and encrusted with 100 carats (4753 stones worth) of diamonds and rubies, and is over a food long. If you really want to make your “one that got away” stories stand out, or your fishing for the elusive gold-digger fish, then this may just be the lure for you. For the rest of us, gag me with ostentatious-ness.

[MacDaddy’s Lures]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…Your store bought salad may be fresher than you think?

Salad Frog

It’s good to know that you can get salad in the stores so fresh, they don’t even bother to remove the live animals from it before packaging and shipping. Though little is known besides the picture, I think this is one time when a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

[Via: Boing Boing]

…The sleepover now has it’s own locale?

Sleepover Suite

If you’re a girl and your age ends in –teen, you probably love having sleepovers. What could be better than getting together with your friends and talking boys, make-up and more boys? If you a parent and your age ends in –something, you probably loathe sleepovers. Your house gets trashed, you get no sleep, and you spend the next week scrubbing make-up stains out of the carpet. Now, there’s a solution. The Alton Towers resort in England, a decidedly kid themed location, has created what it calls The Sleepover Suite. It’s divided into two areas, one for partying and one for sleeping (though getting kids to sleep in a place like this may be a stretch of the imagination). The party room has such amenities as an entertainment system including a plasma TV and a Playstation, a mini dance-floor and karaoke (thankfully, the room is soundproofed), a make-up wall with a full-length mirror, styling products and a bottomless supply of party food. The sleep room features “chill-out” beds that can clip together for massive “gossip sessions”. Obviously demand is high, and I’m sure soon some American hotel company will pick up on the popularity of the suite and bring the idea to this side of the pond.

[Alton Towers Hotels – Sleepover Suite]

[Via: Gizmag]

…you can make an airplane out of Styrofoam food trays?

Someone with quite a bit more imagination than I have has discovered that you can easily turn a Styrofoam food tray into a paper airplane style glider. Get together their template, tape, a knife, and a few paperclips (just don’t use red ones, they’re too valuable), and you’ve got yourself one sweet stunt machine. I see some definite bombardments sometime in the near future.