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…Anatomically correct key holders help you find your keys?

Key Holder

If you and your significant other can never keep track of which keys belong to which person, this set of male and female key holders may be the answer to your prayers, while providing a little comic relief in the process. Designed to look like an anatomically correct piece of wall art (at least the male versions looks that way), these key holders make quick work of finding your keys in the morning. Each piece comes with a unique j-me key, which is attached to the rest of your keys, designed to fit into only one of the holders so you can’t get them switched around. Then, the next time you need your keys, just look to the phallic key holder and behold the beauty that is found keys.

[Key Holder]

[Via: Popgadget]

…There is a lamp that looks like a cup of coffee?

Light au Lait

Light au Lait just sounds like a great name for a light fixture. Designed to look like a cup and saucer, the light also features a spoon for the pull switch. Perfect for your kitchen, this light by Ingo Maurer & Team would look great hanging on any wall in your house.

[Light au Lait]

[Via: BLTD]

…A dog lamp reminds you to feed your pets?

Dog Lamp

Back4 makes a lamp that looks like a dog made of bricks. That is, until you turn the light on. Once illuminated, there is a skeleton visible on the shade, and the cord forms a kind of leash for your malnourished pet. Get one for the pet lover in your life.


…Wildcard Creative makes a recycled and recyclable bench out of cardboard?

Wildcard Bench

Wildcard Creative have created (I know, it’s redundant) a bench made of 99% recycled card that is 100% recyclable (damn you 1% loss). Aimed at the exhibition and events market, it’s designed as an individual stool that can be arranged in a variety of different ways to suit any environment. Put 16 of these things together and you’ve got a full circle, 2.3 meters in diameter. Available in four colors to match your style (black, white, warm grey and warm red) the only problem you’ll face with this bench is convincing people that it’s actually ok to sit on it.

[Wildcard Creative]

[Via: Treehugger]

…Zombie killing is now available in a DIY at-home kit?

Zombie Preparedness Kit

With the release of Dead Rising, Microsoft has put zombie killing back on the map. If you want to add a little zombie emergency décor to your own home, then check out the Zombie Preparedness Kit. Made by a game fanatic with Martha Stuart skills, it uses a toy shotgun painted black, a few shotgun shells, and a picture frame to create one realistic looking wall prop. Anyone want to make me one of these for my next zombie themed birthday?

[Via: Gizmodo]