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…The iChair completes your iLife?


iCan’t stop iThinking of iDeas of iPlaces where iCan put my iPod. Apparently Pottery Barn has the same problem, and their iChair is proof. This faux-suede chair has two speakers in the headrest area, a subwoofer under the seat (for listening pleasure) a pocket for stashing your ‘Pod’ (as all the cool kids call it ‘cause they’re too cool for full words), a volume control for when your parents tell you to do your homework, and an RCA-input jack on the chair back. It’s even weighted in the base to prevent tragic head banging tipping accidents. Pick one up, and be iComplete.

[Pottery Barn]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…The Jetsons’ bed is now available for sale?

Floating Bed

If you really want to sleep richly, but the $1.54 million in stacked $20s just isn’t as comfortable as you expected it to be, then you may want to check out the floating bed created by Dutch architect Janjaap Fuijssenaars (say that five times fast). The black platform, which can apparently double as a dining table or plinth (though I’m not sure why) too six years to develop, and was inspired by the mysterious monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s 1958 film “2001: A Space Odyssey”. The bed uses magnets in both the floor and the bed itself, repelling each other to provide lift, and small steel cables tethered to the walls to hold the bed in place. Though not currently comfortable (common, what do you expect for that kind of cash, a sleep number?), cushions and bedclothes will be provided before use. Just to assure the well to do piercing enthusiast, the designer says that piercings are ok, so long as you don’t drop your teddy bear under the bed and venture after it, only to find yourself stuck to the floor. When asked to say something artsy about the bed, the designer said: “No matter where you live all architecture is dictated by gravity. I wondered whether you could make an object, a building or a piece of furniture where this is not the case – where another power actually dictates the image”. Good words Ruijssenaars, now where did I put that million dollar bill?

[Via: Yahoo! News]

…The Diamond Sofa saves space as a spiral cut couch?

Diamond Sofa

Though this sofa looks about as comfortable as sitting on a tin can, it does have some Swarovski crystals and a built-in LED/fluorescent lamp to make up for its lack of comfort appeal with aesthetic appeal. Designed by Snidarao and Andrea Fino of Sand & Birch Design, this spiral cut reflective aluminum couch features 160 crystals and an integrated lamp to save space. Only one hundred of these will be made, each a numbered edition piece of house jewelry. Hey, nothing says fancy like a bus stop style seating arrangement.

[Sand Birch]

[Via: Cool Hunting]

…Your shower can look too good to use?

Aquagate Shower

If you’ve ever wanted a shower so amazing and exclusive that you have to locate it in the middle of a field in order to fully grasp its true beauty (ok, so the pic is a little excessive, but you get the idea), this is your shower. Called the Aquagate steam shower, this work or cleaning art was created by world famous (possibly self described) architect and designer Matteo Thun and Villeroy & Boch. Featuring touch screen controls both inside and out, it can play your favorite MP3 version of Dirty by Christina Aguilera while you get clean. It’ll even play the radio so you can finally realize your fantasies of having Howard Stern reruns serenade you whilst you loofah your back. The actual shower function of this work or art has four automatic programs named rather uninformatively: Wake Up, Relax, Fitness and Feel Good. There is also aroma and light therapy, a mist function, a steam function, a rain shower and a Scottish shower (no mention of golden shower). The central gate is available in teakwood, pure Italian limestone and champagne-metallic colored aluminum, just in case your neighbor across the street has one and you have to be different.


[Via: BornRich]