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…Shirts should be stylish?

In t-shirt news, Threadless’ Holiday Sale continues, with all of their tees selling for just $10.

This includes the shirts they just announced, like “In The Event Of A Playground”:

In The Event Of A Playground

“Home Is Where The Heart Is”:

Home Is Where The Heart Is

And “Operation Needed”:

Operation Needed

Also, Design By Humans has just announced their Shirt Of The Month winner, and it’s a very colorful and beautiful design called “The Source”:

The Source

Buy them for yourself, or give them as gifts, because you don’t want to miss, a deal like this.


[Design By Humans]

…Cartons make great light?

Anke Weiss Carton Lamps

Anke Weiss created some very cool lamps out of various cartons by pricking holes around the edges of the designs.

Though Weiss is an artist, these don’t look too difficult, and I’m sure that with a little time, you could make one of your own, so definitely keep this in mind for the next rainy day.

[Anke Weiss]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…Furniture can get tattoos too?

Tattoo Furniture

Here’s an interesting idea for leather furniture: Tattoo it.

Designers Marie Rahm and Monica Singer of Polka have teamed up with tattoo artist Gert Kowarzik to do just that, and the result is a beautiful piece of punk art.

If you want tattoo style but fear permanent body alterations, then check out tattoo furniture, because it might not get you into a biker bar, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

[Polka – Tattoo Furniture]


…It’s Things Thursday: Official Beer Pong Table?

Official Beer Pong Table

Showing up to an official Beer Pong game without an official Beer Pong Table would be like showing up to a Major League game with a wiffleball bat.

It’s something that you just don’t do.

Thankfully, OfficialBeerPongTable.com is here to help with an official sized table that folds up into a highly portable carry case.

It might seem a bit excessive, but when you’re going up against a guy like this:

No expense should be spared.

[Official Beer Pong Table]

[Via: Uncrate]

…Mathmos makes great tea lights?

Mathmos Tea Lights

These Mathmos tea lights are a great way to add some unique mood lighting to any room. Just attach them to the top of a standard 9-volt battery, and bask in their soft, subtle glow. When you’re done, just tip them over, and they turn off automatically.

Isn’t that clever?


[Via: Josh Spear]