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…Furni wants to see your skills?


Furni Show Us Your SkillsFurni, the clock (and furniture) design company, wants you to show them your skills, and is giving you clock guts to do it with.

To take part in the design competition, just order one of their clock parts kits, build a box to house them in, and then show off your stuff. The winner might even see their design in the next Furni collection.

Regardless of the result, you’ll at least end up with a clock that no one else has (though there’s probably a reason you’re not a professional clock designer), and the pride of knowing that you made something with your bare hands. It’s clock time.

[Furni – Show Us Your Skills]

[Via: MAKE: Blog]

…Plates should be vandalized?


Looking for dinnerware with a little class and a little sass? Trixiedelicious, an Etsy designer, can help you out, by taking a vintage plate and ‘vandalizing’ it with the profanity of your choice hand painted across the front. Cover it with a little food, and your guests will be none the wiser, until the end of the meal when your true feelings will show through. Dick Wad.

[Etsy – Trixiedelicious]

[Via: Trend Hunter]

…Sid Lee likes to Sit?

Sid Lee Bed

This wonderful collection from the Sid Lee Collective, called Sit!, features couches, sofas and cushions covered with interesting prints and unique patterns. Plus, you can make a mess, and it only adds to the design. Nifty.

Sid Lee Cushion

[Sid Lee]

[Sid Lee Collective]

[Via: Fun Forever]

…Chandeliers are overrated?

Lustre Chandelier Silhouette Sticker

Can’t afford a chandelier? Can afford a light bulb and a high priced designer sticker?

Give your style the satisfaction it deserves and the chance to pretend, with the “Lustre” Chandelier Silhouette Sticker. It might not fool anyone with vision, but at least you’ll have the only conversation starting pseudo-chandelier on the block.

[Lustre Chandelier Silhouette Sticker]

[Via: UberReview]