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…Your ceiling fan is boring?

Tigershark Warbird Airplane Ceiling Fan

Though it might not match most rooms, if you can find a place for this ‘unique’ ceiling fan, the Tigershark Warbird Airplane Ceiling Fan has more style than all other ceiling fans combined.

It’s a replica of the original Curtiss P-40 Sharkmouth design that was flown by the Flying Tigers in WWII, and would look great in a game room. Traumatizing flashbacks not included.

[Tigershark Warbird Airplane Ceiling Fan]

[Via: Nerd Approved]

…Admit One brings the movies home?

Admit One

Bring back fond memories of childhoods past with these Admit One bowls, made with a real roll of Admit One movie tickets. By pressing the tickets into a bowl shape and then sealing them in place, it’s a perfect popcorn holder or candy snack vessel for the home theater connoisseur.

[Elsewares – Admit One]

[Via: The Green Head]

…Kajsa Oberg makes table art?

Invited Home

Can’t remember if the fork goes on the right or the left? Never have a place to keep the potatoes? Kajsa Oberg has created a table, called Invited Home, that solves all of your problems by providing only enough space for what is supposed to go in each place. It’s a comment on the nuclear family as the norm or ideal, as “four places have been set for a family dinner of stew and potatoes, with salad, drinks, salt and pepper”.


Don’t have a family of four? No problem, Kajsa’s Uninvited is a tablecloth with a pattern that represents absent guests and people you wish could be there. There’s also an extra napkin for you to cry into (not really, but there might as well be).

[Kajsa Oberg – Invited Home]

[Kajsa Oberg – Uninvited]