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…The Onyx phone lets you touch it in new and special ways?


The Onyx cell phone is like a gizmo-geek’s wet dream. Combine breathtaking good looks and a whole new type of user experience, and you’ll have people lining up around the block opening night to get one, just to take it home and play little spoon big spoon for a little wile till it falls asleep. The design features a keyless touch-screen that will recognize your gesture inputs. Imagine drawing an X over a program to close it, or the phone knowing the difference between you touching it to give it commands, or placing it against your cheek to answer a call. The sensor mounts over the entire display, allowing the front to be a seamless wonder of beauty. Whether or not you decide to use it, or just mount it behind a protective glass display case in your batcave is entirely up to you.

[Via: Core77]

…Eye-Film will make your digital camera wireless?

Eye Film

Though many cameras have tried to go wireless, most have failed. Now, a company called Eye-Fi is trying to make any camera a wireless wiz with their 802.11g Wi-Fi enabled 1GB SD memory card. Called the Eye-Film, this SD card somehow managed to fit a tiny wireless transmitter inside along with the regular memory, allowing your camera to tap into any available wireless hotspot to send photos to yourself, your friends, or even directly to a Flickr account without plugging into a computer. No pricing as of yet, nor details about how the card interfaces with any specific cameras, but keep an eye out for the public beta due to begin in the fall.


[Via Sci Fi Tech]

…i2 for your iPod is one nice looking speaker system?

Cain iPod Speakers

Looking like a giant iPod to go, the i2 from Cain Laboratories in Japan is a mini stereo system for use with your MP3 player of choice (though given the look, there’s only one they’re targeting, you iPod lover you). It’s got a white plastic casing, clickwheel controls, and even a shuffle looking remote to round out the copyright infringement. What sets this stereo apart though is its use of a vacuum tube for amplification, clearly displayed like a jewel atop the controls and lit up with an array of blue LEDs. The amplifier houses a subwoofer with an output of 12w, and each satellite speaker can pump out 6w of rocking sound. Usually iPods play compressed music though so I’m not too sure how this is supposed to help in the sound quality department, but in the looks department it’s a knock out. It’ll set you back 30,000 yen ($260) if you can get a hold of one, but don’t count on it making it to the states, as Apple’s American bound lawyers will probably wrap this thing up in no time.

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…The Optimus Mini Three Keyboard has finally hit the streets?

Optimus Keyboard

The Optimus Mini Three Keyboard has finally started to hit the streets (dismissing any vaporware claims most people had) and it looks amazing. Designed to be a multifunction three button customizable mini keyboard, the Mini Three features three backlit OLED screens that display different information panels or button configurations depending on the programs being run on your computer. The keyboard connects to your PC (Mac users get screwed, at least initially, on this one) via USB. Each key can then display a static image or full animation (albeit only at 3 frames per second). The keyboard can be oriented either horizontally or vertically using the included software. Applications are responsible for coding for the keyboard, but I can see a slew of uses for this. It makes a sweet current song information bar for iTunes, a nice visualization of new email messages, a cool looking stock tracker for when you’re playing Wall Street, or an easily customizable remote control for watching movies. There are many more planned uses, and users can code in button controls that function like widgets to suit their own desires. Hotkey functioning for Internet Explorer, Word, Outlook and Windows Media Player are all included out of the box. You can even assign a webcam image to each key, if you want to keep an eye on your house or that video feed of the guy in Tokyo who is always doing funny things. At a price of $159.99, it’s a bit steep, but that’s the price you pay to be the first kid on the block with the new toy. They ship soon, so order yours today to ensure speedy delivery. If only you already had one of these, you could program one of the keys to keep an eye on incoming UPS shipments. Oh well. Lastly, be on the lookout for Optumus’ full OLED keyboard to be released some time before the end of the year. It will revolutionize the keyboarding experience as we know it.


[Via: ThinkGeek]

…Flowers can play music?

Flower Pod

If you can’t figure out what to get a techie girl for her birthday, why not flowers? Just make sure the flowers play music like these ones do. Designed as a twist on the audio dock, the flower has a speaker built into the center, and a 3.5mm audio cable to attach to your iPod or alternative MP3 player of choice. It looks like the stem can also wrap around your player, making for an interesting sort of dock/speaker hybrid thingy. Available at Target for $12.99, these could be the perfect gift for that someone special.


[Via: Gizmodiva]