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…Keyboards can be used for secret stashes?

Keyboard Organizer

If you like to put things on or around but not actually in your desk, Fosfor Gadgets has created the keyboard for you. It’s a simple corded keyboard, but with a secret storage compartment inside. Stash your scissors, pens, photos, tape, or candy bars if someone has figured out your current secret stash (though the ant trail into your keyboard might be a dead giveaway).

[Keyboard Organizer]

[Via: Fosfor Gadgets]

…Your dog can play a safe game of Marco Pollo?

Dog Drawing

If you pay more attention to your dog than your friends (of if you don’t have any friends besides Fido), and the thought of loosing Fluffy to a horrible pool accident is more than you can bear, check out the Float-a-Pet collar. Designed like a Swiss army knife, this collar features solar powered LED lighting to stop your dog from running into the walls at night, and an emergency inflatable CO2 flotation device complete with flashing lights, activated by a humidity sensor just in case your little guy forgets how to doggy paddle (Come on, dogs have a stroke named after them, if yours can’t do it, technically I don’t think it counts as a dog). Strikingly absent is a GPS locator, but I guess it’s more fun to play “find the doggy buoy” than to actually know where your dog is. If your dog is special enough to have a crystal encrusted dog collar, you may want to add this when it becomes available to protect your investment. At the very least, it’s worth a glance just to see the Photoshopped river example pic for yourself.


River Detail

Collar Side Back

[Via: Engadget]

…Matching tool sets are all the rage in Milan?

Joanna Wood

Pink Toolbox

If you’re a woman and you refuse to do work because your screwdriver and your hammer don’t match your tool bag, you need to seek help. If you refuse, then check out these sets, as they might be your only reprieve. The Joanna Wood Toolbag (pictured top) and the subtly named Pink Toolbox (pictured bottom) might not work as well as normal tools, but who cares as long as they match your outfit, right? Maybe if you look really cute and walk past a construction sight, one of the guys will stop whistling long enough to help you out with whatever projects you are in the midst of. Not that I think women are incapable of doing any handy work, but come on, a Home Depot hammer gets the job done better and cheaper than these ever would.

[Joanna Wood]

[Pink Toolbox Company]

Via: Core 77]

…Logitech’s Wireless DJ gives you more control over your music?

Logitech Wireless DJ

Logitech’s new Wireless DJ pries your music away from your computer and allows you to enjoy it through out your house via your home stereo. Using its Music Anywhere software, you can stream MP3s, WMAs, iTunes, Internet radio, podcasts, and subscription audio such as Napster, Rhapsody, Musicmatch and Yahoo Music Unlimited. A small wireless transmitter plugs into your PC’s (yeah, they’ve screwed Apple owners out of this one) USB port, and you plug in a small receiver up to 300 feet away and connect it to your stereo’s auxiliary input. Setup is that easy, as there are no network settings required to get in the way of your audio bliss. The receiver also plays double duty, charging the included remote when not in use. The remote is the heart of the system. Using Extended Data Rate Bluetooth, it talks to your computer and gets song information, selects songs and can create a DJ playlist on the fly for your party popin’ needs. The remote uses an iPod like click wheel and an LCD screen for your song selecting and viewing pleasures. It looks sexy, but the $250 price tag is pretty steep for a glorified computer remote.

[Logitech Wireless DJ]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…Your earphones can now be a fashion accessory?

EarMecca EP Earphones

If you can’t be bothered to both put on earrings and grab your iPod earphones in the morning, the EP Series by EarMecca aims to simplify your life one step further by providing an earphone and earring combo. Designed to make your earphones a little more personal and aesthetically pleasing, the phones come in 10 different styles such as stars, crosses, hearts, and pearls, can be ordered in either gold or silver, and adjust to fit whatever size ears you may posses, from mouse to Shrek. Thankfully, they are only clip-ons, as I can only imagine the pain of catching one of these in post form on your car door. Though only available in Korea, I’m sure it won’t be long before some American company tries to compel you to stick all sorts of fashionable do-dads on your earphones to keep people from noticing the large wires dangling from your earrings.

[Via: Gizmodo]