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…A plague of locusts doesn’t have to be a bad thing?

Locust Bicycle

Looking more like a modern art interpretation of a bicycle than a useable form of transportation, Josef Cadek’s Locust folding bicycle design study is a beautiful example of form and function melding to form one heck of a unique idea. It is designed “to offer full-valuable bike with great ability to be folded, stored in small spaces”. Toss it in your trunk and go for a ride during your lunch hour. Cram it in your overstuffed suitcase and tour the countryside on your next trip. The size this thing folds down to will open a whole world of possibilities. Cadek has even designed a belt system that allows you to fold the bike up without having to deal with an oily chain getting everywhere. Everything comes apart and goes together easily with a few simple safety locks and knobs. This would be perfect for a college town. Imagine every student riding to campus and then folding up their bike and taking it with them into the classroom or into the dorm. Even the coloring is designed to increase visibility for safety. Somehow the design of this bicycle reminds me of the Confederate Motor Company’s B91Wraith, a motorcycle that looks like the byproduct of an art student doing a project on the use of circles. The Wrath though is a whole different beast, and somehow doesn’t bring up the same peaceful images as the Locust. Check out both and decide for yourself what kind of geometrist you want to be.

Wraith Motorcycle

[Via: Core77 Design]

[Josef Cadek]

[Confederate Motor Company]

…The phone is so 2006?

Sony Mylo

This September, Sony will release Mylo (MY Life Organized), its “wireless broadband communicator”, in an attempt to unseat the iPod and cell phone from their respective thrones atop the music and communication device world. Designed to be the Swiss army knife of the gadget world, its got Gmail and Yahoo mail for your emailing pleasures, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Skype handle your instant messages with the included slide out QWERTY keyboard (big blow to you AIM users out there), Skype pulls double duty and also allows you to make calls with the device, a built in Opera web browser for constant updates of your MySpace account (sorry Helio) and whatever else people still do on the web, and a built in photo and video viewer to show others how amazing your life is (or not). It can also be used to surf the internet (is that term still even cool?) using its Opera browser. Mylo features a 2.4-inch LCD, 1GB of flash memory, a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot, and an external speaker to annoy everyone around you with that new song you just discovered. Not only is it uber-functional, but it also looks really freaking cool, like a PSP/iPod baby. For $350, it’s not a bad deal, considering all you get and the lack of a need for any sort of service contract. It does need a WiFi connection to unleash its massive potential, but once WiMax rolls out, I predict a switch en masse to devices like these. Until then, it’d still be sweet to have so you can continue justifying your ‘first guy with everything’ award.

[Sony Mylo]

Also, check out a review from Gizmodo:

…Washing your hands can be fun again?


For some good clean fun, check out the SquidSoap, designed to teach kids the value of having clean hands when they are mining for nose gold or picking up presents the dog leaves for the family. An ink marker on the top of the soap dispenser puts a squid ink sucker mark on your hand when you press the pump to dispense soap. After 15-20 seconds (apparently the time most doctors recommend, though I’ve been using the ‘if it’s all wet it’s all good’ method) the ink washes off, leaving you clean hands in more ways than one. According to the site, kids love it because it makes hand washing a game (winner is the first with prune hands), and the squid sitting atop the soap dispenser is also a toy for after cleanliness fun. Plus, “A study in 305 schools shows that children who wash their hands at least 4 times a day miss 30% less school than children who don’t wash as frequently”, and that study is right 60% of the time, every time. If I were a kid, the ink marker would be the toy and the walls of the bathroom my canvas, but then that’s just me.


…Shotgun-turrets will be a standard option on the 2008 Hummer H9?

Hammer Shotgun-turret
For times when just one shotgun isn’t enough, and you don’t want to put forward the effort of actually carrying the thing around (they do get heavy you know), comes the Hammer H2X-40 Shotgun-Turret System. This thing is un-freaking-believable. Its got twin 20 round magazines, fires 3 inch shells, and can be used to fire “grenade” rounds. Not too sure what those are, but they sound like a blast. All of this is controlled from inside your tank/SUV via a joystick, for that true first person shooter feel. Apparently designed for the military and civil defense groups, I’ll be checking eBay for one to pop up so I can play the ultimate live action duck hunt game.