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…CBS will use Bluetooth to send you their new ads?

CBS will be using Bluetooth technology to beam video clips of five of their new primetime shows to your cellphone, smartphone, or PDA (provided you device has Bluetooth as well) from inside of the Grand Central Terminal train station in NYC. The shows featured will be Shark, Smith, Jericho, The Class and CSI. Users will be required to accept the video before viewing, and the 30-second clips will take approximately 20 seconds to download. This is a very cool idea, and hopefully one that catches on. Imagine going to the grocery store, seeing an ad for a new dinner entré, and downloading a video that shows you how to prepare that dish, hosted by Emeril Lagasse. Bam! Interactively amazing.

[Via: Gizmodo]

…Many companies use ‘product sabotage’ to increase profits?

Starbucks Coffee

In what has been called “product sabotage”, many companies, including Starbucks, downplay their best products (at least the best products for the consumers). Starbucks, for example, offers a size smaller than a tall, called “short”. They don’t advertise it on their menu wall, but it’s there, and it even has its own button on the register. The aim of price sabotage is to sell different products to different types of customers. The same theory underlies student and senior discounts, which target people most likely to be on a fixed or lower income. A short drink at Starbucks cuts their profit margin down so they are making less money on each drink they sell. By getting you to choose something off the menu, they are making you a more profitable customer. This may seem like a disadvantage to consumers (and it is if you are unaware of the smaller options) but if companies were not allowed to price sabotage, it would most likely be the cheaper products that would disappear. So learn the real menu to your favorite eating establishment, and it could save you a few dollars down the road.

[Via: BBC News]

…Criss Angel explained how to levitate?

Mindfreak Criss Angel, either in an attempt to get himself killed by the magician consortium, or as a way to throw people off into thinking they know how all magic tricks are done, only to be baffled by Criss at a later time as he does the trick in an entirely new way, has revealed one way magicians go about levitating. To sum it up: magnetize your shoes together, slit the front of your pants, slide a black pantyhose covered leg out, and stand up. Somehow I see David Blane’s next levitation show involving a pair of shorts and still stunned onlookers.

[Via: Buzz Patrol]