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…Web 2.0 logos are easy to create?

Web 2.0

The above logo was created with Alex P’s Web 2.0 V2 Logo Creatr Beta. Designed as a parody of Web 2.0 Logos, he admits that though they are pretty cool, they are all kina the same. Take your logo, reflect it, give it a gloss, add a beta tag, change the color of the ending r to play off of Flickr’s success, and you’ve got yourself a Web 2.0 logo of your very own. Give it a try, it’s more fun than you’d think.

[Web2.0 Logo Creator]

[Wikipedia – Web 2.0]

…Interview questions don’t have to keep you from that dream job?

Interviewing for a job and never know what to respond when the interviewer asks what your weaknesses are (maybe lack of having an answer is your weakness at which point you drift off into the twilight zone)? Then read Bhuvana Sundaramoorthy’s (Wow that’s a long name) 50 Common Interview Q&A. It’s got some pretty good tips on responding to those tough questions that always put you on the spot, and could come in handy if you want to look prepared with out actually being prepared.

[Bhuvana Sundaramoorthy]