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…E85 motorcycles love corn?

Iowa Farm Bureau Renewable Energy Chopper

Note to companies looking to advertise by building a custom chopper: There are other bike builders besides Orange County Choppers. They might not be on TV, but I’ll bet they can still crank out a bitchin’ bike without the cameras rolling.

Iowa Farm Bureau Renewable Energy Chopper Details

That being said, this Iowa Farm Bureau Renewable Energy Chopper is one bad bike. It runs off of E85 fuel (85 percent ethanol-blended gas) for a more environmentally friendly exhaust output, and with farming details littered throughout, it’s the perfect ride for the bio biker.

Like what you see?

Then pick up a raffle ticket for just $10, and you might be the lucky winner of this corn mobile.

Kinda makes you rething the whole bio stereotype, doesn’t it?

[Join The Ride]

[Orange County Choppers]

[Via: Trend Hunter]

…Don Garlitz choppers on waters?

Water Chopper

Jim Garlitz loves motorcycles.

He loves them so much, in fact, that he built one that can ride on water.

By combining a 1985 Yamaha Virago motorcycle frame with a 1990 9.9-horsepower Nissan outboard motor and his own homebuilt hydrofoils made out of “readily available materials”, his ‘Water Chopper’ can cruise around at 37 mph, riding on top of the water with a noiseless, smooth ride.

He says it’s great for fly fishing, and that “it’s stable. It doesn’t tilt, tip or anything”.

Grand total for this engineered toy?

Two months of work and $1,000.

Kinda makes you wish you had one of these instead of those last 200 Big Macs now, doesn’t it?

[Washington Post – Water Chopper]

[Water Chopper Video]

[Via: Book Of Joe]

…This bike burns more than rubber?

RUB Motorcycle

This wild hog is actually a mobile motorcycle barbecue pit, built by Orange County Choppers of American Chopper fame for RUB BBQ, and features a wood-burning oven riding sidecar to the custom bike.

This baby’s not just for show though. They’ve cooked ribs, brisket, and pork butt on it, and then ridden off into the sunset on their sweet set of wheels.

It might not be good for speed, but for a nice piece of steak, this can’t be beat.

[Via: NY Mag]

[Via: Book Of Joe]