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…It’s Movie Monday: Another Cloud Reel?

Another Cloud Reel by Ben Wiggins shows the beauty that is hidden in the movement of clouds, as revealed by timelapse photography, and combines it with the natural beauty of San Francisco to create a stunning montage:

…You need to watch A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything?

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything is a flipbook style animation made with just biro pens and about 2100 pages spanned across 50 jotter books, and it took the artist roughly three weeks to complete. After watching it though, I’d say that was time well spent:

…It’s Movie Monday: Nuit Blanche?

Nuit Blanche is a fantastic short about two people that fall in love so strongly at first sight that NOTHING can stand in their way:

What’s amazing though is not the film itself, but how they made it. See what I mean:

[Spy Films]

[Via: Gamma Squad]

…It’s Movie Monday: CL!CK?

LEGO’s CL!CK is a fantastic short about the power of big ideas.

With stop motion animation, little toy bricks and an amazing mustache all combined together into one film, it’s a win all around: