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…Super Mario Brothers can be beat in 28:54?

There’s just something about watching speed runs of classic Super Mario Brothers that brings back those sentimental memories of childhoods lost in front of the Nintendo. For your enjoyment:

Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers 2

Super Mario Brothers 3

That’s right, you’ve just witnessed in 28:54 what it took a lifetime to accomplish as a child. Oh how strong the effects of geekdom must be.

[Via: Kotaku]

…Dominos are worth their weight in gold?

Though I’m always a fan of a good dominos film, I’ve never had the patience to set up any kind of monster line myself. Someone at Dare Digital with quite a bit more waiting skill than I possess must have set up this advertisement then, because balancing 10,000 coins on their edge doesn’t sound like a fun job at all. Continuity cuts be damned, this video is a keeper.

[Dare Digital]

[Via: Cool Hunting]

…Cars falling out of parking garages are cool?

Want to see what it looks like when two Oldsmobile Cutlasses are shot out of the 18th story of Chicago’s Marina Towers’ parking garage into the Chicago River, Steve McQueen style, for an upcoming Allstate Insurance commercial? Me too, so here you go:

…YouTube is going Googley?

Ever since the creation of GooTube (YouTube being purchased by Google), there’s been quite a bit of speculation floating around about what changes are going to occur, specifically to YouTube. The following video is an interesting interpretation of what could happen if the Google hype team was turned loose, though I imagine the end result will be much more Googley (read: cleaner) than this video makes it out to be.

Reminds me a lot of the Microsoft iPod video.

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…You can make your own commercial staring the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

Dallas Cowgirls Commercial

Here’s an interesting way of getting people to watch your commercial: Let them do the directing. CMT is premiering a reality TV show where girls will try and make the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading squad, and on their site you can mix together video clips, voice overs, and music tracks to create your very own commercial, which can then be shared with others via email, MySpace, or wherever else videos like this get shared. So head on over and make your directing debut, it could lead to the meet and greet of a lifetime.

Edit: Here’s my entry: Commercial

[Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – Making The Commercial]

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