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…Saw III looks pretty damn scarry?

The Saw series has perfected the pull no punches horror movie genre with its gross out motif and mass of moments where you know what going to happen and it still scares the pants off of you. The first movie had suspense, action, and a pretty good story to go along with it. The second movie fell off a bit, lacking that solid plot line that the first possessed, but still thrilling and chilling with the devices and situations the characters were placed in. Saw III looks to be no different, and hopefully perfects all the pieces and parts that the second movie lacked. The new trailer looks damn good, and I now know exactly what I’ll be doing on Halloween this year.

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…Movie trailers can sometimes get a little repetitive?

Movies can sometimes seem a bit formulaic, with their who’s who of the current Hollywood stars, already been there done that action plots, and cliché side love stories you never saw coming. In response to the frequent unoriginality that at times plagues Hollywood, comedy writer Adam Mutterperl has created a parody trailer for the movie to end all movies. It pokes some good-hearted fun at movie trailers and their sometimes vague and overreaching quotes, endless actor lists, and elusions to some sort of “surprise” that you’ll have to watch to find out about. Coming soon to a theater no where near you.

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…James Bond’s Casino Royale looks awsome?

There’s a new trailer out for the latest James Bond flick, Casino Royale, and it looks amazing. I’ve always been a fan of the James Bond movies, being a huge gadget/car/sweet action movie fan in general, but some of the latest in the series just didn’t do it for me like the classics do. This newest incarnation looks to bring some edge to the genre, and also to have plenty of sweet action that the box office has been missing as of late.