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…There’s a subwoofer that will pound from your wall?

Wall Sub

The Artison RCC 600 is a new wall-mounted subwoofer, giving you more bass in less space. The first reactance-canceling in-wall subwoofer, the 600 eliminates vibration and sound distortion, leaving you with sound that rivals a floor-standing 12 inch sub. Designed to match the style and performance of a complete in-wall system, this sub should keep the audiophile and the neat freak equally smitten, but for entirely different reasons.


[Via: Gizmag]

…Obadiah Parker does an amazing acoustic cover of Hey Ya?

Obadiah Parker, who definitely doesn’t look anything like the lead singer of Outkast, does an amazing acoustic cover of “Hey Ya”. I love the way the video mixes the music video with him singing to show that though the song sounds entirely different, he is matching the tempo perfectly. Now, you can finally have an idea of what Outkast is talking about. If only Obadiah could figure out how to get the groupies from the video to be his backup dancers.

…Stereo Squealers really oink out your tunes?

Stereo Squealers

Is your room looking like a dump lately? Complete the look with Stereo Squealer pig speakers. Powered by four AAA batteries, these speakers connect to your PC, laptop, MP3 player, or the ubiquitous iPod. Twisting one of the pigtails controls the volume, and the input is where the sun don’t shine. Though the 1.6 watts per pig probably won’t be shaking the room apart any time soon, Cotton Eyed Joe has never sounded so appropriate as it does coming out of a pair of these.

[Stereo Squealers]

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…The Eminent Model 17 gives you the shake and rattle with your roll?

Rotary Subwoofer

Consider yourself an audiophile? If you’d gladly spend more for a subwoofer then you spend on your car (though if you buy this sub, you’ve probably already got a pretty nice car) then cut a check for $25,000 and pick yourself up an Eminent Technology Model TRW-17 (Model 17 for short). Designed with a fan instead of the typical subwoofer cone, this driver can deliver the first true infrasonic (you can’t hear it) home theater experience. Though some would doubt the use of a speaker you can’t hear, one time through the launch of Apollo 13 on DVD and they’ll make a believer out of anyone. This sub is so unique; it requires a professional install to convert your attic or basement into a giant cabinet of bass. How’s it work? The blades spin at a constant rate, and the voice coil and magnet assembly vary the pitch of the blades to create a pressure wave, with the degree of pitch controlling the amplitude. Very cool.

Rotary Animated

[Eminent Technology]

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…iScorch is a lighter for your concert going iPod?


If you just can’t seem to geekify your concert experience enough, or you want a way to let everyone around you know that you just bought a new iPod Video, and the white ear buds aren’t doing it for you, then you need the iScorch. The iScorch is a video of a flame from a lighter. That’s right, an iVideo, of an iFlame, on an iPod. Lame. If you don’t have a video, there’s even a picture of a flame for your Nano or Photo. Double lame. From the website: “Gone are the days of burnt fingers! (Grow some coordination people) Strained thumbs are banished to the land of wind and ghosts! Save the fuel in those lighters for the more important task of killing yourself by smoking! (Now that’s a true statement) The next concert you go to, you’ll be paying homage to the band not with a lighter but with iScorch and iPod.” If that doesn’t make you want to use it, nothing will. My only question is why do you have an iPod at a concert in the first place. Take your ear buds out for a few minutes and actually converse with people around you for once in your life. If that doesn’t sound appealing though, abandon all hope and download the iScorch today.


[Via: Uber-Review]