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…You too can be a Blue Man?

Blue Man Tubes

A toy not just for kids, but also kids at heart, the Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes allow you to live out all of your crazy music playing rock star status dreams in the comfort of your own home. Features include eight motion-sensitive tubes that allow percussion, tempo change and volume control with either your hands or the included percussion sticks, five percussion instruments including the tubes, drums, steel drums, xylophone and marimba (not quite sure what that one even is) to fill out your band, MP3 mode allowing you to jam along to your favorite tune with your iPod or MP3 player of choice, record mode to share your new found talent with your friends, speakers to allow others to enjoy the soothing sounds of your steel drums, and an audio out jack to make sure the neighbors are fully aware of your new found talents. Not included are the full blue head paint, emotionless facial expressions and cult like following, though the latter one may come with enough practice (ok, maybe not, but it’s still fun to pretend). Head out to your nearest FAO Schwarz to pick one up (or build one at Home Depot for true originality credit).

[FAO Schwarz]

[Via: Uncrate]