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…YouTube is going live?

YouTube Live

On November 22, YouTube unleashes live video on the world with a concert of epic proportions.

The artist list includes Katy Perry, Fred, Soulja Boy, Akon, Will.I.Am, and more, and even the MythBusters are scheduled to make an appearance, so it should be quite a show.

YouTube Live Guest List

Plus, they’ve invited all of the YouTube heavy hitters, so expect plenty of vids and ‘behind the scenes’ to go live after the event.

Though YouTube has said that they don’t plan to announce any new technologies or features during the event, this definitely seems like the first major shot across the bow of every other live video company out there, because when YouTube steps in the building, they’re tough to ignore.

[YouTube – Live]

…Domino Day is huge?

Domino Day

Domino Day 2008 was on November 15, and the Weijers Domino Productions team tried to break the current world record for domino toppling by setting up 4.5 million dominoes.

Though one of the builder challenges failed, resulting in the loss of a few dominoes, they still managed to break the record with a total fall of 4,345,027 dominoes, including challenges that broke nine other records during the day:

  • Longest Domino Spiral (200 Meters)
  • Highest Domino Climb (12 Meters)
  • Smallest Domino Stone (7 Millimeters)
  • Largest Domino Stone (4.8 Meters)
  • Longest Domino Wall (16 Meters)
  • Largest Domino Structure (25,000 Stones)
  • Fastest Topple of 30 Meters of Domino Stones (4.21 Seconds) (The sprinter Churandy Martina ran with the dominoes and achieved the time of 3.81 sec for the same distance.)
  • Largest Number of Domino Stones Resting on A Single Domino (727 Stones)
  • Largest Rectangular Level Domino Field (1 Million Stones)

Since it’s hard to imagine what 4.5 million dominoes looks like (and I’d imagine it’s impossible to imagine the sound) here’s a video from the event:

[Via: Neatorama]

Tamien Bain didn’t need to steal the Big Mac Chant?

Big Mac Chant

In 1993, Tamien Bain, aka “BAiNG The Locksmith”, held up a McDonald’s at gunpoint.

Tamien was 14, and spent 12 years in prison for his crime.

Now 29, Tamien is one of five finalists for the McDonald’s Big Mac Chant competition, out of a field of over 1,000 submissions, and if he wins, he will fly out to Los Angeles where he will record his jingle for a national TV spot.

You just can’t make stuff like this up.

[MySpace – McDonald’s Big Mac Chant]

[Via: Sun Sentinel Via: Neatorama]

…Emma Ely knows how to drive?

Emma Ely Camaro

In 1970, Emma Ely bought a brand new Chevy Camaro SS 350. 38 years later, she’s racked up a total of 1,104,000 miles on the well worn V8.

Assuming a purchase price of $3,500, that means Emma has paid about 3/10 of a cent per mile for the car! To put that in perspective, if you pay $30,000 for a car and then drive it for 100,000 miles, you’ll have paid 30 cents per mile, or 100 times as much as Emma!

What’s even more amazing is that the engine, transmission, and rear end are all original, and have never required a major overhaul.

According to Emma, she gets the oil changed every 3,000 miles (that’s 368 oil changes during the life of the car) and attributes the car’s longevity to her careful attention to any maintenance issues.

Talk about getting your money’s worth!

[Via: Jalopnik]

…Iran loves Photoshop (and missiles)?


Apparently Iran is not interested in threatening the world with its missile prowess after all.

Instead, it’s decided to impress everyone with its mastery of Photoshop’s clone stamp tool.

If you happened to have missed it, an image of four Iranian missiles shooting skyward circled through the media recently, with small, local outlets jumping on board and publishing the image on their front page. Guilty as charged included The Los Angeles Times, The Financial Times, The Chicago Tribune, and several other newspapers, as well as BBC News, MSNBC, Yahoo! News,, and many other major news Web sites. What they all failed to notice was that if you look closely, a few of those missiles look a bit too much alike.

Either someone in Sepah News decided that three missiles just wasn’t enough for the shock and awe that they were going for, or an overzealous intern got a bit too happy with their new found skills, but either way, it just goes to show you that even the most basic photo editing skills are enough to fool news editors in need of a few extra sales.

Anybody want to buy my picture of Bush holding a baby in his arms and a grenade in his teeth?

[Via: New York Times Blog]