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…Yahoo is going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month?

Pink Yahoo

In order to promote awareness for October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, Yahoo! is offering up the ability to turn your Yahoo! home page a nice shade of pink. It’s a small gesture, but it’s a quick way to show your support for something that affects almost every family in one way or another. Just head over to your Yahoo! home page and click the “Show you care: Turn your home page pink” link. Almost 600,000 users have already done so.


…Kobayashi can eat more lobster rolls than you and your three friends?


Takeru Kobayashi is like a god in the competitive eating world. He’s brought a sport that used to be in the shadows of Coney Island and eateries all across the world into the spotlight, even gaining coverage from ESPN of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. His current world record is 53 1/8 dogs during the 12-minute competition. When he first broke the previous world record of 25 1/8 dogs in 2001, he passed it by so much that they didn’t have any number signs to count how many he had eaten, so they wrote them by hand as he went on to consume 50 dogs. He’s invented moves such as “The Kobayashi Shake”, his trademark body wiggle, and the Soloman method, where he splits the hot dogs in half, dips the bun/hotdog in water, and then stuffs both halves in his mouth. On average, Kobayashi consumes 6,000 calories per day, or 42,000 per week, three times the recommended daily consumption. Despite this amazing feat of consumption, he claims to have less than 6% body fat. Recently, at the World Lobster Roll Eating Challenge in Boston, he defeated a team of four young men to take the title. The four took down 25 rolls, while Kobayashi, having just tasted his first roll the night before, managed to consume 41. As with most of his eating endeavors, that is now the new world record for that event. Part of his skill is due to gastroptosis, a condition where his stomach is set lower in his abdomen, allowing it to expand past his rib cage. Despite this physical advantage, he trains extremely hard to maintain his edge. Kobayashi, long considered the greatest competitive eater in the history of the sport, is sure to be setting more records in the future, so be on the lookout for this Michael Jordan of dogs at a buffet line near you.

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…California just increased its minimum wage?

California just enacted a new law that bumps its minimum wage up to $8 in the coming years. That’s a huge increase in a state where the effect will cover 1.4 million people currently working for minimum wage. The minimum wage will increase 75 cents in January, and another 50 cents the following year. California now joins Massachusetts as having the nation’s highest minimum wage by 2008.

[Via: Yahoo! News]

…YouTube’s viral LonelyGirl15 has been found?


LonelyGirl15, the screen name behind a set of viral videos about a 16-year-old home schooled girl that has captivated YouTube users for quite some time now, has been ousted. Her real name is Jessica Rose, a 19-year-old actress from New Zealand. The publicity stunt has been linked to a professional team of producers who created the video-blog entries for an as yet unknown purpose. Jessica was discovered when one determined web sleuth linked a comment from an article about LonelyGirl15 to a private MySpace page that was then viewed through a Google cache, linked to the name Jessica Rose, and then linked to pictures found by searching Google Images for Jessica Rose. Just remember kids, the moral of this story is, NOTHING disappears once it hits the web.

[YouTube – LonelyGirl15]


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Update: The gig is up (and she isn’t even that lonely). Both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times (how’s that for around the globe coverage) have posted stories about the creators of LonelyGirl15. Turns out it was two aspiring filmmakers who intend to continue the story on a separate website (though probably with a much smaller audience now that everyone knows it’s a farce). Guess we’ll just have to wait for another viral video series to come out to take LonelyGirl’s place in our hearts and YouTubes.

LonelyGirl Not Lonely

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Update: Here it is, the fruits of all the creators’ labor: The LonelyGirl15 website.