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…Tall buildings can share?

If you took the tallest buildings from each state and arranged them in a single skyline in a universe where physical space and proportion have no meaning, this is what it would look like:

Tall Building Skyline

[Via: Digg]

…You can take better pics?

Nixon Digital Learning Center

If the photos on Flickr fill you with feelings of jealousy, because none of your shots come out like they should, then maybe it’s time to check out the Nikon Digital Learning Center to pick up a few tips, tricks and techniques from the experts.

Whether it’s action, close-up, travel, people or nature, your passion is sure to be covered; and with assignments to improve your photography, techniques from the masters, tips from the community, and feedback on your photos, there is sure to be at least one way for you to improve.

Now step up to the shutter and let’s see what you’ve got.

[Nixon Digital Learning Center]

[Via: Lifehacker]