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…Cole Haan likes Nike’s Air?

Cole Haan

Cole Haan makes ordinary looking women’s shoes, but it’s what’s inside that counts. In collaboration with Nike Lab, each shoe contains Nike Air cushioning to keep your feet from complaining. If only Reebok made pumps with a pump, the world would be a better and more complete place.

[Cole Haan]

…Reebok is still using the pump?

Reebok Premier Pump Paris Trainer

The pump is back with the new Reebok Premier Pump Paris Trainer, a shoe that gives you “customized fit, support and comfort”. Plus, did I mention they’ve got the pump? Retrotastic.

[Via: Acquire]

…Jason Markk knows how to clean shoes?

Premium Sneaker Solution

If your shoes spend more time in their boxes than they do on your feet, give them the respect they deserve with the Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution Kit, featuring a bottle of cleaning solution and a handcrafted woodblock brush. It’ll keep your kicks fresh for longer, and shine your shoes like you never thought possible.

[Jason Markk]

[Via: Josh Spear]

…Crocodile is back in style?

ADIDAS Croc Shoes

These great new Adidas Superstars and Pro Models feature crocodile leather and the ubiquitous three stripes. It’s a great mix of classic and class.

[Via: Freshness]

…Tennis shoes are cool?

Tennis Shoes

Here’s a great pair of “tennis shoes” for the courts. The Ball Out, a collaboration between Reebok and Alife, is made with tennis ball felt, and features a tennis ball shaped pump. Sadly, they’re hand-made and probably a very limited edition, so don’t expect them to be at your local Payless anytime soon.


[MySpace – Alife]

[Via: Neatorama]