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…BumpTop is the future of the desktop?


BumpTop is a re-imagination of the desktop that aims to bring a real world style environment to your computer’s interface.

It wow’ed the audience at TED two years ago (see video below), and now it’s available for download, so if you’d like to see what the future of interactions between you and your computer might look like, give BumpTop a try.


…Google wants you to surf the Earth?

Surf Google Earth

Who says Google’s engineers don’t know how to have fun?

For Macworld, David Oster created an application that combines Google Earth, the Monster Milktruck program, and a Wii Balance Board to allow you to ‘surf’ through Google Earth.

Unfortunately, the Earth Surfer app isn’t yet ready for prime time, but Google’s LatLong Blog says that it should be released some time next week, and until then, you can watch this video to see what the fun is all about:

[Google LatLong – Flying Through Google Earth At Macworld]

…macZOT has put together a fantastic New Year’s Bundle?

macZOT New Year's Bundle

To celebrate the New Year, macZOT has once again assembled a New Year’s Bundle that they’re offing to you at a deep discount over the regular price of each app.

This year, the bundle includes Caboodle, GarageSale, DEVONthink Personal, Mail Stationery, Snapshot, MacCleanse, Awaken, AppZapper, Xslimmer, FileChute and Media Rage, and you’ll only spend $59.99 to pick up a full license for each, compared to the retail price of $262.59!

Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, they’re also donating $5 from each sale to Heifer International, a non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to end hunger and poverty while caring for the earth.

Hurry though, because the offer is only good until January 4th.

[macZOT – New Year’s Bundle]

…MacUpdate is bringing a Holiday Bundle?

MacUpdate Holiday Bundle

The MacUpdate Holiday Bundle is back, and they’ve brought together 10 fantastic Mac apps to help bring you a little extra Mac related holiday cheer this year.

For a limited time, this bundle of Mac software goodies, which would normally sell for a total of $447.69, is now just $49.99, or a savings of almost 90%!

The programs include RapidWeaver, LittleSnitch, KeyCue and MacGourmet Deluxe, all of which I’ve used, and can say that they would justify the price alone, as well as MacPilot, WhatSize, iVolume, VirusBarrier X5, Drive Genius, and Default Folder X.

The bundle will only be available for another nine days or so though, and then it’s gone forever, so give them a try and see what you think, because Mac deals like this only come around once a year.

[MacUpdate – Holiday Bundle]