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…Firefox 2.0 is now official?

Firefox 2.0 has officially hit the streets, and it’s going to be hot. If you haven’t joined the Firefox revolution, now is the time. Firefox, by Mozilla, is a free, open source, cross-platform, graphical web browser (thanks Wikipedia) that’s quickly become the standard for browsing the web. It cuts down on pop ups, is totally customizable, and just plain works. Give it a try; you’ll never look at the web the same way again.

Need another reason to switch? Watch this comparison video, and the choice will be pretty obvious:

Firefox 2

[Wikipedia – Firefox]

[Via: Digg]

…Television should be more democratic?


Lifehacker put together a nice little guide on how to use Democracy and tvRSS to subscribe TIVO style to your favorite television shows and have them downloaded as soon as they become available in the BitTorrent world. Though Democracy does have a few kinks to work out as a program, and tvRSS isn’t always perfect when it comes to having every episode or not having a few duplicated, it does make things pretty simple, and it’s an effective way of getting the TV you want, when and how you want it.