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Windless Kite Flying Championship

Windless kite flying.

It sounds like an oxymoron, but don’t tell that to Spencer Watson, a competitor at the Open Individual Indoor Unlimited, which has been going on for 12 years now.

Yup; that’s right. Spencer isn’t alone in his passion for windless kite flying. There are enough people that do this as a sport/hobby that there’s actually a championship to figure out who can do it the best:

Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything that doesn’t have some sort of championship attached to it.

[Via: Kottke]

Snowmobiles + Lakes = Watercross


What do you get when you gather up a bunch of folks who are determined not to let a lack of snow keep them from their snowmobile?

A (surprisingly not so new) sport called watercross, which the Wall Street Journal recently discovered:

With enough speed, the snowmobiles skip across the water like a rock skipping across the surface of a lake. And thus, watercross was born.

[Wall Street Journal – Watercross]

Vintage Ladies Bicycle Tricks

Sure, doing tricks on a bicycle is hard.

But doing tricks on a vintage ladies bicycle? Impossible, right?

Apparently not:

Consider me impressed.

Swing Pong

Take ping pong, add the ability to tilt and shift the table using buttons or a pre-programmed pattern, and you’ve got Swing Pong, a new game that adds an innovative twist to an old favorite:

Pogo Stick Tricks

I had no idea that pogo stick tricks were even possible, but as this video shows, they’re not only possible, they’re actually pretty legit: