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…Snowboards need more power?

Powered Snowboard

Jimmy D has invented a new way to hurt yourself on a snow covered mountain. His Snow Carver is a motor and track system connected to the back of a half snowboard, allowing the rider to power around up and down hills and on flat ground. The board features a unique, precision weight balance design and a hand throttle to get you to those break-neck speeds required for adrenaline junkie gear qualifications. Specs are as follows:

Drive System

  • Current models all using 134 c.c. 2 stroke Power Bee engine by US Motor Power, Inc.
  • Gas tank 1.1 gal.
  • Brakes – “drum and band type.”
  • The SnowCarver ” uses a “continuously variable transmission” clutch system”.
  • Each drive unit is fitted with the patented Mechanical Carving System.
  • Speed_ 35 mph
  • Oil/gas mix 25/1


  • Weight Shift Turnability.
  • Hand-Held Controller.
    • Controls variable speed
    • Controls variable brakes
    • Kill button
    • Tether switch, engine dies if dropped
  • Should “clamp on” or “bolt down” to any snowboard (some modifications may be necessary).
  • Regular or “goofy foot” stance.

[Jimmy D’z Powered Snowboards]

[Via: Coolest-Gadgets]

…Bungee Jumping is no longer the most intense thing to do with a bungee cord?

Bungee Jumping is usually pretty extreme. I did it once, and despite my fear of heights, it was really fun. You feel like you’re flying, weightless above the crowd watching you from below. I remember that on the way down thinking that I was glad I liked it, since I was going to bounce soon and have to do it all over again a few times before returning to terra firma. The guys in this video though, they weren’t happy with just normal bungee jumping. They decided to take Bungee Jumping and add a little excitement to it. Instead of bouncing along, repeatedly enjoying the sensation of flying and falling, they decide to cut the cord right as the jumper reaches the ground, essentially allowing him to jump out of the crane and land Spiderman style on the ground after a single fall. It’s pretty amazing to watch, and must have taken quite a bit of planning to get the timing and the length of the cord just right (I guess we wouldn’t be watching the video if they got it wrong). I don’t think I’ll be trying this any time soon though. Jump to :50 if you don’t want to listen to the foreign announcers build up the stunt.

…Dominos and pool go well together?

Dominos and pool have never really been friends, instead preferring to stay in their separate time slots on late night ESPN and attracting a different type of audience to each “sport”. This video from YouTube shows that at times they can learn to overcome their differences and play nice, making for a crazy sportsy/artsy domino/pool game that must have taken hours to set up, and seconds to destroy. Friends indeed.

[Via: Neatorama]

…Pogo sticks can also do tricks?

Proving that if you stick with something for long enough, eventually you can do cool things with it, Fred Grzybowski demonstrates tricks he can do on a Flybar 800 (really intense pogo stick). Who knew that if you just kept using that pogo stick your mom gave you for your birthday that one year, eventually you’d be able to do backflips on the thing?

…You can play golf on any surface, even the street?

Street Golf

If the high green fees and pompousness of golf keep you from the game you could come to love, then check out Streetgolf. The game is designed to be played anywhere you can find a spot to place the playoff mat and flag hole (so pretty much anywhere with a little creativity). Streetgolf plays similar to normal golf, but with no handicaps or par, and the winner is just the player with the lowest score after a predetermined number of holes. I think the most fun could be had coming up with some house rules between friends and creating some kind of golf hybrid. The kit consists of:

  • 1 7-iron
  • 1 Wedge (56 degree angle)
  • 1 Putter
  • 1 Streetgolf bag
  • 2 Streetgolf balls
  • 1 Streetgolf flag hole
  • 1 Streetgolf playoff mat
  • 25 Streetgolf scorecard
  • 1 set of Streetgolf rules

Oh, and as a big FU to left-handed golfers, the clubs only come right-handed (I may be a left-handed and now bitter golfer).


[Via: Coolest Gadgets]