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…Rodney Mullen skateboards like no other?

This video is simply amazing. Rodney Mullen, the godfather of technical skating, stars in this six and a half minute montage featuring some of the most unique and mind blowing tricks ever performed on a skateboard. His balance and coordination are beyond belief. I don’t want to spoil too much of this movie, so check it out for yourself and see what skating is truly all about.

…Putting on the Potty can help your game?

Potty Putter

The Potty Putter (no joke, that’s its name) is a putting green for the pooping golfer. If magazines (or just doing what you’ve got to do in there and getting out) don’t keep you occupied while the Browns play in the Superbowl, then grab your putter and swing away. Though this probably won’t help you with your stance (hopefully), it will make you better at those pressure situations on the course. The Potty Putter includes:

  • The Putting Green
  • 2 Golf Balls
  • A Putter
  • A Flag Stick
  • A “Do Not Disturb” Sign (for your practice sessions)

[Potty Putter]

[Via: Coolest Gadgets]

…Some people just won’t let life hold them down?

This may be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Aaron Fotheringham lives his life in a wheelchair, but doesn’t let that stop him from being one of the most hardcore skatepark riders in the world. He’s not content with just riding around in the skatepark either. He’s inventing tricks and pulling some very dangerous moves that most riders (including those not in a wheelchair) would be afraid to try. He’s taken his fair share of spills and crashes too, but he doesn’t let that stop him from pursuing his passion. A truly inspiring story that just might make you reconsider what you see as a hardship in your own life.