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Tool Tank Multi-Tool

Tool Tank

The Tool Tank is a multi-tool keychain that features 3 screwdriver bits cleverly disguised within the tracks of a tank.

Each bit magnetically attaches to the turret, which rotates up for use. Just pick your bit, rotate the turret and you’ve got yourself a clever little screwdriver that’s always ready to do ‘battle’ with chores around the house.

[Tool Tank]

…It’s Things Thursday: Project Bore Snake?

Project Bore Snake

A Bore Snake is “a one-piece cleaning rod, brush, patch, solvent and oil applicator in a flexible package one can fold up and carry in a pocket, ready for instant use”.

Apparently, the soldiers in Iraq are given cleaning tools that don’t work as well or as quickly as they should, despite being more expensive than the Bore Snake. Also, because of the types of terrain that they’re fighting on, gun cleaning has become a frequent occurrence (as often as a few times per day).

Thus, Project Bore Snake aims to send Bore Snakes over to the troops so that they can have the best possible tools at their disposal, and so that no lives are lost due to improper gun maintenance.

While feelings about the war are obviously mixed, I think that a project like this is a great way to support the troops themselves without supporting the cause that they’re fighting for, and it does a whole lot more than a yellow ribbon magnet ever did.

[Project Bore Snake]

…Your bar needs tools?

Bar Tools

Pimping out your bar, but not sure what you should get? The Bachelor Guy asked Tony Abou-Ganim, creator of the cocktail program at the Bellagio in Vegas, and producer of the instructional DVD Modern Mixology, to come up with a list of what the average guy should have at a home bar.

The 15 essential tools that Tony came up with should have you shaking and stirring anything from a simple gin and tonic to a dreaded Cosmo, and everything can be bought for under $75 (if you skip the silver plating). It’s drinking time!

[The Bachelor Guy – 15 Essential Tools For Your Home Bar]

…The Victorinox RescueTool is the Knife of Life?

Victorinox RescueTool

The Victorinox RescueTool, better known as the Knife of Life, is the winner of the 2007 Knife of the Year award. Features include:

  • One-handed blade
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Window breaker
  • Strong 6mm screwdriver with:
    • Cap lifter
    • Wire stripper
  • Punch and reamer
  • Belt cutter
  • Key ring
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick
  • Disc saw
  • Luminescent grip shells
  • Nylon cord
  • Nylon case

This knife is designed to spell the difference between life and death. A collaboration with Swiss emergency medical and rescue teams, the Knife of Life is everything you need to quickly and safely remove a person from a wrecked vehicle. Could you ask for anything more?

[Victorinox RescueTool]

[Via: bookofjoe]

…Hot roddin’ men love BBQing?

Hot Rod Mop Brush

The Hot Rod Mop Brush is designed for men (and the women who buy for them). Featuring flame etchings, a silicone flame mop to hold sauce, and a stainless steel handle with a bottle opener, this flavor spreader is the perfect accessory for any man that loves his BBQ more than life itself.

[Chef’n – Hot Rod Mop Brush]

[Via: Uncrate]