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…TechShop is the DIYers dream hideaway?

TechShop Logo

The problem with doing it yourself is that you often need quite a bit of space and a bunch of really expensive tools to get the job done right. Not everyone has a dynamometer in their backyard for measuring horsepower or a laser cutter for cranking out that prototype you’ve been working on. TechShop aims to fix all that with their open access public workshop. Described as “a fully-equipped open-access workshop and creative environment that lets you drop in any time and work on your own projects at your own pace. It is like a health club with tools and equipment instead of exercise equipment…a Kinko’s for geeks”; TechShop is open to everyone regardless of age or skill level. They’ve even got classes available if you’ve always been dying to try out airbrushing or building your own custom motorcycle. With an extensive equipment list and numerous available classes, TechShop is sure to be the in the dreams of techies everywhere.


[Via: Popgadget]

…Benny Benassi want to sell you a power drill?

Benny Benassi is well known for his music videos, probably more than he is for the music itself. In his video for Satisfaction, a few scantily clad well-endowed women are demoing power tools in a late night infomercial style setting. If you’re not a fan of techno, this may just be the best reason yet to start. Warning: Definitely NSFW

…Now you can just stamp out your very own pretzels?

Pretzel Stamp

Something about this product just strikes me as “designed for the lazy”. I mean, come on, is it really that hard to roll out a dough line and fold a pretzel yourself? Designed as a quick and easy replacement for hand twisting, I think it takes too much fun out of making a pretzel. If you want a pretzel without all the work, just pick up a box of them in the frozen section of your local supermarket. Nothing says quick and easy like a box of pre-cut pretzels, but then nothing says “too lazy to move” like a box of pre-cut pretzels either, so choose your own adventure.

[Pretzel Maker]

[Via: Kitchen Contraptions]

…A tool belt doesn’t have to make you look like a tool?


The original creator of the tool belt over 10 years ago, 686 continues to design fashionable ways to play MacGyver and sneak through airport security. The buckle functions as a bottle opener, the detachable double prongs a #2 Phillips and #2 flat head screwdriver, and the detachable loop an 8, 10 and 11MM wrench. Though designed to serve as a skate/snowboard tool, I wouldn’t mind wearing this and playing Bob Villa in a pinch.


[Via: MAKE]