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…The R/C Steam Hauler will play Mad Max with your Barbie Corvette?

Steam Hauler Outside

Steam Hauler Inside

I-Wei Huang of Crabfu SteamWorks has created what has to be the coolest remote controlled semi-truck on the planet. This matt black monster hauler (awesome color, very Mad Max-esque) features working smoke stack exhaust, a three-speed transmission, and enough torque to tow the creator on a skateboard. The best part of the design is the way the water tank blends in with the look of the truck to make it a seamless install. Check out the video for some long-haul action.


[Via: MAKE]

…Robosapien Media is your new robotic best friend?


WowWee, the personal robotic friend company, has created the RS Media, a robot with full multimedia functionality. There is an integrated color LCD on its chest which can play MPEG videos or show pictures, 50 MB of internal memory to store your videos and music files, speakers located in the hands of the robot and a subwoofer on its back. There is a color camera that can take pictures or video and then display it on his chest screen. The included microphone can be used to record any sounds you want the robot to play. The robot comes with four personalities, including Service Bot 3000 and Billy Joe Sapien, and you can use the included software to create a personality all your own. Each personality has unique animations and expressions, voice files and dance routines. He has four built in games, or you can download your own if you get bored with robo-pong (not sure if that’s an available game, but you get the point). The robot comes with infrared vision, food, gauntlet and stereo sonic sensors. He will acknowledge a loud sharp sound such as a clap and walk towards the sound to investigate. His vision allows him to track movement, detect and avoid obstacles, and differentiate between colors. If you’ve got a collection of robot friends, the RS Media can also interact with Roboraptor, Robopet, Roboreptile, or any other Robosapien. Available in Australia in October of 2006, expect it to come Stateside with a price tag of around $610. Flamethrowers are however sadly not included.


[Via: Gizmag]

…You can control any TV from the palm of your hand?

Ninja Remote

For $9.99, ThinkGeek’s Ninja Remote will have you universally removing the pain American Idol causes from TV’s all across the land. Luckily this thing fits in the palm of your hand, because there are uses for this that may get you beat up if you’re not careful (soccer fans are an angry bunch). You point the remote at the desired TV, hold mute until the sound goes away (mutes), take full control of desired TV, change channels and volume at will, then run away, very quickly (or sneak away with ninja like qualities). It’s designed to work on a variety of brands, so if you’ve got a mischievous desire to destroy America’s pastime (take that baseball), purchase one of these for everyone you know.


…Bonsai isn’t as hard as they make it out to be?

Atomic Bonzai

If your green thumb has long since wilted and gone to the garden in the sky, but you still need a little Zen in your life, check out the Atomic Bonsai Kit. Made of cardboard foliage, you simply interlock the pieces of pot, trunk and leaf to form your tree. If your feng shui energy is not flowing correctly, simply move a few leaves from one branch to another and you’ve got yourself a whole new tree. Just don’t water it, you might actually still manage to kill the thing.

[Atomic Bonsai Kit]

…Chess is no longer just a game for people with long term memory?

Chess Set

If you’ve always wanted to learn chess but can never remember what to do with your rook or even what a rook is, this set is for you. Available from Miles Kimball, these pieces have their name and potential moves printed on the back of the base. The set comes with the plastic chess pieces, board, and instruction booklet (which I thought was the point of the pieces themselves but maybe the booklet gives strategy or something). If you can’t memorize how each piece moves, the logic behind a game like this may elude you, but if you just want to teach a young one the game so you can subsequently trash talk your way through his first defeat, this set is for you.

[Miles Kimball]

[Via: bookofjoe]