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…Hotels should be more extreme?

Extreme Hotel

Extreme Hotels wants to offer “something new, different and exciting in the hotel sector. Delivering affordable, high value, entertaining, active, cutting edge sports based hotels in the finest extreme sports and urban destinations around the world”. Their first hotel, located in Cape Town, South Africa, features 130 “hip and happening rooms”, a variety of lounging areas, a 5 story climbing wall on the outside of the building, and all of the action sports an adrenaline junkie could possible dream of. It’s definitely a unique take on the traditional hotel style, and one that will definitely appeal to its intended audience.

[Extreme Hotels]

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…Moscow needs new intersections?

Crazy Interesction

If you think that some of the intersections you’ve driven through are in serious need of a redesign, just remember that it could always be worse. Drivers in Moscow looking to take a left from Rosanov onto Khoroshev are faced with a serious dilemma. They can either take a simple left and face the risk of getting caught, or go the legal way, and two lefts and nine right turns later be on their way. And you thought roundabouts were excessive.

[Wikipedia – Malfunction Junctions]

[Wikipedia – Spaghetti Junctions]

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…Hotel rooms can look like cartoons?

Cartoon Hotel

This room may look like it belongs in a cartoon, but it’s actually a real room in the Arte Luise Kunsthotel art hotel. Called Comic, it’s “a dollhouse-like, comic book room with papaya green walls, a sunny yellow rug, a lilac bed and a pink cupboard”. How does this room achieve its deception of the eye? “A characteristic touch is that every corner and angle is outlined with a thin, hand-drawn, black line – whether on the ceiling, on the bed, or around a plug”. Spongebob pajamas not included.

[Arte Luise Kunsthotel]

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[Arte Luise Kunsthotel]


…Wallpaper* City Guides can help you find your way?

Wallpaper* City Guides

Wallpaper* City Guides are designed to be “the fast-track guide for the smart traveler”. Currently featuring 20 cities with an additional 40 in 2007, they’re pocket-sized, easy-to-use, and discreet, so you don’t have that camera around the neck tourist look as you try to blend into your new atmosphere. Inside, you’ll find “The best restaurants, bars and hotels (including which rooms to request), the most extraordinary stores and sites, and the most enticing architecture and design”. Already live in one of the cities featured? Pick up the Wallpaper Guide for your home turf, and you may just rediscover your favorite stomping grounds.

[Wallpaper* City Guides]

[Amazon – Wallpaper City Guides]

…You too can join the Mile High Club?

Mile High Plane

The “mile-high club” is something often talked about, but seldom done successfully, or enjoyably. It sounds like so much fun, sneaking around and enjoying each other during a usually boring and mundane plane trip. Usually though, you find yourselves locked in a too tight bathroom with one foot stuck in the vacuum sink and the coat hook poking you in the back, wondering why this seemed like such a good idea in the first place. Georgia corporate pilot Bob Smith has solved many of these problems though, with Mile High Atlanta. For $299, he’ll fly your frisky twosome past 5,280 feet (one mile) in his custom Piper Cherokee 6 that has been tricked out with a mattress. The hour-long flight includes a certificate, a bottle of champagne, and you get to keep the sheets (good call on that one).

[Mile High Atlanta]

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