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…The Quenttin is one sexy watch?

Jacob Quenttin

The Quenttin by Jacob & Co. is such a beautiful watch, it’s almost hard to describe. Made in either white gold, rose gold, or magnesium platinum, it features vertical movement, an on-of key to set the time or wind the watch, and a hand winding mechanism via an integrated key. Plus, it’s a limited edition, with only 99 of the white gold, 18 of the rose gold, and 18 of the magnesium versions pieces being made. I want one.

[Jacob & Co. – The Quenttin]

…TAG Heuer’s Monaco V4 innovates the wrist watch?

Monaco V4

The TAG Heuer Monaco V4 concept watch is one sexy looking timepiece. It’s powered by an oscillating linear weight that moves back and forth within the central shaft and transmits energy to the four ball bearing barrels through a patented belt drive mechanism. If you’re as confused as I was about what that all means, check out their site for a nice explanation video. I’ll take two.

[TAG Heuer]

[Via: The Watchismo Times]

…The Fossil O-Ring Digi is holey?

Fossil O-Ring Digi

The Fossil O-Ring Digi by designer Phillipe Starck is definitely one unique looking watch, mostly because there’s a hole right through the center of the face (let’s see them do that to an analog watch, then I’ll be impressed). It tells the time with numeraled hours and minutes represented by blocks that fill up the display ring each hour. Plus, the buttons are hidden on the back to keep everything sleek and futuristic looking on the front. Though it might take some time to figure out what time it really is, this isn’t the kind of watch you buy just to tell the time with. It’s all about looking good, and the O-Ring is sure to do just that.

[Fossil – O-Ring Digi]

[Via: SlashGear]

…Tokyoflash makes crazy watches?

Tokyo Flash

The Tokyoflash 1000100101 Numeri-color watch definitely stands out. Featuring a “flat metal panel, cryptic flashing lights, carbon fibre style strap and display that looks like it’s gauging your oxygen level”, it’s all of the strange features that have made Tokyoflash watches so popular recently rolled into one pretty good (unique) looking design.
Telling the time uses the colored LED’s to represent hours & minutes.
By looking at the 4 rows of lights, the Green & Red LED’s at the top indicate the hour simply by counting them. 3 red = 3 o’clock.
The Bottom rows of green & yellow LED’s indicate the minutes. 2 Green + 7 yellow = 27 minutes past.
It’s the same for the date mode to indicate month & date. The day is shown on the very top row of holes where the markings M, T, W show the day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc).
If you’re a fan of the binary side of life, then this is your kind of 0111011101100001011101000110001101101000.

[Tokyo Flash]

…Oakley makes a good looking watch?

Oakley Time Tank

The Oakley Time Tank is one sexy looking watch from a company not normally associated with watches but instead with sporty looking sunglasses, often attached to funky looking MP3 players. Featuring a true Swiss Made Chronograph with gold plated 13-jewel quartz movement, an ultra-lightweight titanium case, titanium straps with carbon reinforced self-lubricating thrust washers, a pure sapphire crystal face with anti-reflective coating, and 330 feet of water resistance, this watch is guaranteed to be as tough as it is good looking. The strap was modeled after a tank track (though there is a leather strap available), and combined with the large overall size, you’re sure to make a pretty bold statement when you add this to your wrist.

[Oakley Time Tank]