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…It’s Things Thursday: Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne?

Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne

If you’re in the mood for a new watch, then check out the Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne, a limited edition, skull themed design that takes its inspiration from the US Airborne’s motto, “Death From Above”.

The all black face features a photo luminescent skull, sword hands, automatic movement, and crossbones themed accents.

[Bell & Ross]

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…The Concord C1 Quantum Gravity is crazy?

Concord C1 Quantum Gravity

The Concord C1 Quantum Gravity watch is purely and simply a display of excess that you can wear on your wrist.

The mechanically wound movement fuels a three-day power reserve, and the energy that’s left in that reserve is displayed using a liquid filled glass column that rises and falls as the watch winds down. Yes, that’s right, I said liquid filled.

They’re only making 10 of these extremely exclusive watches, and if you have to ask, then I can guarantee you can’t afford one, but for the well heeled watch aficionado, this will more than likely be a must have.


[Via: Acquire]

…The Cabestan Winch Vertical Tourbillon is a chain driven watch?

Cabestan Winch Vertical Tourbillon

The Cabestan Winch Vertical Tourbillon is like no other watch in the world.

Time is told on two rotating drums (one for hours and one for minutes) that are made of engraved aluminum and set on ball bearings, and each drum is equipped with a resistance spring the enables you to disconnect it for time setting, as well as a small winch that is stored in the folding buckle of the bracelet that allows you to wind the watch.

Cabestan Winch Vertical Tourbillon Detail

However, what’s truly amazing is that this watch holds power through a chain drive that consists of 450 small links made of inoxidizable steel and riveted by hand. The chain is good for 72 hours of power reserve, and is wound around the watch in a way that follows the natural energy of the spring within.

The titanium case is made of seven components that are vacuum welded together with hydrogen in a conveyor oven, and Pyrex crystals that are thermoformed by hand cover all the bits and pieces underneath.

All this tech doesn’t come cheap however, as you’ll be paying anywhere between $275,000 and $400,000 for the privilege depending on how much bling you want, but when tech and exclusivity get together with beauty like this, money can quickly become no object for those with the means.

[Cabestan – Winch Vertical Tourbillon]

[Via: Book Of Joe]

…You can play Asteroids on your wrist?

Asteroids Watch

Remember the Pong Watch that showed the time by automatically playing a game of Pong?

Well John Maushammer (the watch maker) is at it again, and this time he’s developed a watch that plays Asteroids with a flick, tilt and twist of the wrist.

In this video, you can see the second version of the Pong Watch, which includes a tilt sensor that allows you to control the game, and some buttons that allow you to change the mode, as well as a preview of the Asteroids Watch:

[John Maushammer]

[Via: Nerd With Swag]