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…You should read //engtech?

//engtech is holding a monthly group writing project/contest called “Five Things”, so my subject matter of choice for the project is going to be //engtech, and five reasons you should be reading it:

Harold Robot

#1 Harold Is a Robot – Who doesn’t like a comic about a robot?

#2 Tech and Blogging Predictions for 2007 – He (the author doesn’t give his real name, so I will simply refer to him as he) knows the future.

#3 You Can Be a Good Example or a Horrible Warning – How NOT to be a Successful Blogger – He’s humble and knows his mistakes.

#4 Reasons why Steve Jobs isn’t the next Bill Gates – a photo essay – He likes Bill Gates.

#5 107 t-shirts for geeks that do not suck – He’s a geek, and he’s proud to display that fact with some very cool t-shirts.

#6 (Bonus) MyCatBlogLog – His mascot is a cat, which has sparked its own website.


…It’s Website Wednesday: Favourite Website Awards?

Favourite Website Awards

Today’s website is actually a website about websites. Got that? The FWA, or Favourite Website Awards, is a daily updated collection of the best of the web. Each day, a new Site Of The Day is chosen, each month, a new Site Of The Month is chosen, and each year, a new Site Of The Year is chosen (and so on I’d imagine if it survives that long). Each site features a brief description and a link, though that’s probably all you’ll need to begin your web surfing adventure. FWA also features interviews with the featured sites’ designers, which give great insight into the hearts and minds of the Internet’s creators. The sites are great and the topics are vast and varied, so be prepared to kill a few hours just looking around, but I promise it will be worth it. You’ve been warned.

[Favourite Website Awards]

…Technorati wants to know WTF?


Technorati launched a new service today called WTF (Where’s The Fire, not the other popular acronym), designed to tell you what’s hot and why. Anyone can write a “blurb” about any topic, and then users vote for the best explanation. Though it’s an interesting concept, and is obviously trying to gain some initial awareness with its very “catchy” name, I don’t see how this is going to work out in the long run. Are people really going to want to explain why something is hot to other people? Do products like the iPhone even need an explanation? It seems like an idea that caters to the lowest common denominator, and one that requires explaining the unexplainable. WTF Technorati?

[Technorati – Where’s The Fire?]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Paris Exposed?

Paris Exposed

Though I’m not surprised by the existence of, I am surprised by the extent of The story behind the site goes like this:

  • Paris rented out a 6,000 square foot storage unit to house all of her personal possessions.
  • Paris forgot to pay the $208 bill.
  • The storage unit was auctioned off.
  • Someone bought it, sold the stuff inside for millions to
  • History.

The site is a literal database of anything and everything Paris Hilton. It features:

  • Britney Spears memorabilia.
  • Nick Carter love notes.
  • Recorded phone calls.
  • Her phone book with thousands of celebrity phone numbers.
  • A Girls Gone Wild session with Joe Francias.
  • Lots of drug use.
  • Video diaries.
  • More Paris sex tapes.
  • Receipts, medical records, bank statements, fan mail, cards, to do lists.
  • Much more.

Though I’m sure there’s some juicy stuff in there, I almost feel bad for her. Almost. If you’re willing to put down the $39.97 required for one month of access, Paris’s world is your oyster, though you’ll have to check your conscience at the door.

[Paris Exposed]