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…Conan O’Brien loves horny manatees?

After Conan O’Brien told viewers they could get some hot manatee action at a fictional web site called, NBC realized that because no one owned, anyone could buy it and put up inappropriate material, making it appear that NBC was promoting that inappropriate material (and probably pissing of the FCC in the process). As a pre-emptive strike, NBC bought the address, and soon put up its own fake manatee porn site. Finally, a place to get all of the horny manatee action you never knew you were missing.


[Via: Boing Boing]

…Mashable! is awarding social networking?

Social Awards

If you’re interested in social networking, Mashable!’s Social Networking Awards 2006 is a great place to check out the latest and greatest as well as the up and coming. They’ve got their own picks, People’s Choice awards, and Hot for 2007 to give a good mix of all interests. Plus, they’ve included a good and thorough justification for each choice. Social is definitely the new solo.

[Mashable! Social Networking Awards 2006]

…TestTube is YouTube’s way of trying new stuff?


YouTube has taken a page out of the Google Labs playbook and launched TestTube, an “ideas incubator”. It’s sort of a not quite ready for release playground where users can test out new features and give comments directly to the engineers and developers in order to make the services better. The first concoction to hit the lab before it’s fully baked is Streams, a video sharing service where users can watch videos and interact with other users who are also watching those same videos in real time. It’s like focus group 2.0.


[Google Labs]

[Via: Mashable]