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DQM x Cliché Corkscrew

Class up your next drinking event with a collaboration corkscrew from DQM and Cliché:

DQM x Cliche Corkscrew

Featuring a veneer wooden handle and embossed logos, it’s got more street cred than most wines can manage.

[DQM x Cliché Corkscrew]

…Wine loves food?

Wine That Loves

Though wine can be enjoyed on its own, a good pairing with the right foods can transform an ordinary meal into an extraordinary meal. Thankfully, Wine That Loves is here to help, with sommelier chosen wines that are perfectly paired to a single type of food. The end result is a match between some of the world’s top-quality wines and the foods Americans enjoy most often. There’s no fu-fu stuff here, just affordable, high quality wines that can be enjoyed with everyday meals. Pair away.

[Wine That Loves]

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…Wine bottles should be recycled?

Wine Bottle

On behalf of the Earth, I’d like to say thanks to Wolf Blass for bottling their Bilyara Reserve in P.E.T. bottles. Unlike the traditional colored glass used in wine bottles which can only be “downcycled” into lower grade products, P.E.T. can be recycled into many equivalent products, so it produces 80% less wastes than traditional bottles. Plus, it makes the bottles “unbreakable”. It’s environmental.

[Wolf Blass]

[Via: TreeHugger]

…Wine decanting takes a little bit of style?

Wine Decanter

If you’re going to enjoy a nice bottle of old red wine, you’re going to need to decant it, or remove the insoluble solids from the delightful drink by slowly pouring the wine into another container so as not to disturb the sediment. Though doing it by hand is cheaper, it’s not necessarily easier nor does it yield the best results. To get the perfect separation of liquid from solid, you’ll need a decanting machine. The Ercuis Wine Decanting Machine provides a little bit of style to your decanting needs, and would even serve as a nice centerpiece or conversation starter when guests ask why your wine bottle holder looks so funny. Made in France with an ebonized wooden base and silver plating, it looks just as good as it performs (and it performs pretty well indeed).

[Ercuis Wine Decanting Machine]

[The Wine Dr. – Decanting Wine]

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…Wine in a can now blessed by Paris?

Paris Prosecco

Prosecco Girl

Rich Prosecco is “Vino Frizzante”, or very nice sparkling wine in a very un-nice aluminum can. From their site: “Drinking Prosecco from a can is delicious; as you sip, the pearling sensation of the cool, fresh-tasting Prosecco ripples over the lip of the can to dance on your tongue”. Wow, drinking this stuff sounds like a party in your mouth and everyone’s invited. And if you’re going to throw a party and invite everyone, you RSVP list won’t be complete without the likes of Paris Hilton. Luckily, Paris has just signed up to be Prosecco’s newest spokesmodel, and given her recent run-in with the cops and the letters BAC, she’s the perfect choice for putting her seal of approval all over an alcoholic product for the rich and famous. Keep your eyes peeled for a Prosecco NASCAR team in the coming weeks, since no beverage in a can is complete without a sponsorship of America’s pastime.

[Rich Prosecco]

[Via: Luxist]