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…Robots like drinking wine too?

Wine Robot

NEC System Technologies has developed a robot that tastes wine, can name the brand from a tiny sip, tell if that specific bottle has gone bad, and recommend a complementary cheese to go with each variety. Using an infrared spectrometer in its left arm, the robot fires a beam of infrared light, and analyzes the reflected light in real time to determine the chemical composition. The two foot tall green and white prototype can even tell you a thing or two about the taste, such as being a buttery chardonnay or a full-bodied shiraz. Too bad it doesn’t actually drink the wine and then act robotically drunk after it polishes off a bottle or two.

[Red Orbit]

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…Wine barrels make for some good furniture?

Wine Cooler

Serve up your wine in style at your next party with the Recycled Wine Barrel Cooler. The white oak barrel features a cooler with a watertight liner and drain faucet, and an iron stand. You can also buy recycled wine barrel furniture to match the look and really deck out that wine cellar you’ve always dreamed about.

[Recycled Wine Barrel Cooler]

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…Chef JoAnna offers a do it yourself wine course?

JoAnna, a blogging chef, has posted some tips on getting to know wines. If your knowledge of wines doesn’t go much farther than red or white, this may be the perfect starter course on your path to grape wisdom. Her tips include buying two bottles of the same variety and tasting them both at the same time, side by side. From this, you can compare them and see that:

  • one will be more acidic
  • one will be perfumed more strongly
  • one will be clearer in color
  • one will have more tannin & astringency
  • one will be more…. You get the picture?

“And yes, you’ll probably like one more than another, but now you’ll have a quantifiable reason why you like it”.

[JoAnna’s Blog]