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…Chasing Cool is a business?

Chasing Cool

    Cool isn’t just a state of mind, a celebrity fad, or an American obsession — it’s a business. In boardrooms across America, product managers are examining vodka bottles and candy bars, tissue boxes and hamburgers, wondering how do we make this thing cool? How do we make this gadget into the iPod of our industry? How do we do what Nike did? How do we get what Target got? How do we infuse this product with that very desirable, nearly unattainable it factor?

Chasing Cool: Standing Out In Today’s Cluttered Marketplace is a book by Noah Kerner, a celebrated marketing maverick, and Gene Pressman, legendary creative visionary and former co-CEO of Barneys. Together, they examine the lessons that can be learned from corporate America’s shortsighted search for cool.

Featuring interviews with more than seventy of today’s most respected brand visionaries, including Tom Ford, Bob Pittman, Bonnie Fuller, Christina Aguilera, Clive Davis, Ed Limato, Ian Schrager, John Demsey, Julian Schnabel, Benny Medina, Marc Jacobs, Marc Newson, Martin Puris, Michael Francis, Patricia Field, Paul Morrissey, Talib Kweli, Richard Meier, DJ Premier, Russell Simmons, Sofia Coppola, Tiki Barber, Tommy Hilfiger, Tony Hawk, Vera Wang, and Ahmet Ertegun, Chasing Cool is a how to for those that want it, and a confirmation for those that have it. Which one are you?

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