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…Cleaning and graffiti work well together?

Moose Graffiti

How do you stop graffiti that is created by cleaning up the city in a very specific way? Apparently, you don’t. Artist Paul Curtis, aka Moose, creates his works of art by cleaning dirt and grime off of city surfaces using only a shoe brush, water, and elbow grease (just like grandpa used to do). Being that he isn’t really adding anything to the walls where he works, just cleaning them, British authorities aren’t sure what to do to stop him, as they can’t get him on charges of graffiti, typically done using paint. I like his idea, as the only way to remove the graffiti would be to clean the rest of the wall, thereby making the city he lives in a cleaner place. Graffiti with a purpose, now there’s something you don’t see everyday.


[Via: Neatorama]

[Via: NPR]