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…Coment Charity continues?

Comment Charity

The first month of the Comment Charity program is half over, so I thought it would be a good time to review the progress that’s been made. So far, March has been a great success, and we’ve already raised $8.50 for The Global Fund. I’m going to set my goals even higher, and say that I’d like to see at least $20 raised by the end of the month. To get a good head start on that goal, I’m going to make things easy and give you a topic that everyone can comment on: Apple or PC (or other). Which one do you use? A simple “Apple” or “PC” (or “other”) response works, but if you want to, feel free to elaborate on why (though there’s no expectation that you do so). It’ll be like an informal poll, and I’m interested to see what the responses are, so head on over to the comment box and help DYH make a difference.

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