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…Computers and cars can share design cues?

Boss Computer

Boss Car

Cars and computers captivate my heart and my wallet more than anything else, so anything that combines the two is a match made in heaven. If you’re going to have a colossal computer or a killer car, nothing says eye candy like a little bit of customization. Enter the BOSS FX-57, a modded out computer with styling cues taken from the 1969 Boss 302, including the bright orange color scheme, Boss striping, and a custom hood scoop to keep everything cool. The exhaust fan grilles on the back are recycled RC car wheels, and a real air filter tops the CPU heatsink fan to give each piece of the computer a little bit of car to complete the car theme. The design also features a perfect blend of car and computer terminology. “FX-57” is a reference to the AMD Athlon processor that provides the ‘horsepower’, and on the scoop, “Supercharged 6800GT” references the machine’s video card. He’s even painted the keyboard and mouse to match the case, since no dream computer is complete without the appropriate accessories. My hat is off to this master of the mod, with his beautiful tribute to Mustang muscle.

[FX-57 – Boss Mustang Computer]

[Via: Autoblog]