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…Crocs are hated?

I Hate Crocs

Crocs shoes are definitely a love it or hate it fashion accessory. Vincenzo & Kate are strong advocates for the hate it side, and have created with the aim of “eliminating Crocs and those who think that their excuses for wearing them are viable”.

    We are here to help. We are a resource for the healthy people trying to help stop the Crocs epidemic. We are a resource for the infected people wearing Crocs who want to be healthy again. We believe that armed with the proper education, common sense and a little intelligence, the Crocs pandemic can be stopped.

    We are first and foremost, attempting to quell the torrents of misinformation that the general public is receiving. One common misconception is that wearing a pair of Crocs is okay. It is not okay. Crocs are full of holes, made of low-grade foam and ugly as sin. Crocs beg for both insult and injury.

The site goes on, but you get the picture. They attribute the current trend to mass insanity, and compare Crocs’ popularity to the Zubaz brand from the 90s (for anyone who just had flashbacks, I apologize). To start you on the road to recovery, the four steps you should follow are:

  1. Decide to say no to them.
  2. Cut them up.
  3. Keep them to yourself.
  4. Put them away, never speak of them and pretend that you weren’t involved.

And if that’s not enough to get you going, here’s some inspiration: