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…Crystal Roc instruments are sure to add some bling to your sing?

Crystal Roc Deck

Crystal Roc instruments might not sound better than their non-sparkly counterparts, but who really cares about how things sound in music these days when post production editing turns any Fran Drescher sounding wanna be into the next Kelly Clarkson? Featuring musical accessories such as microphones, decks, drumkits and guitars, the Crystal Roc line will all be blinged out with more Swarovski crystals than the last Paris Hilton T-Mobile Sidekick that was accidentally stolen to boost her publicity. They did manage to stuff some pretty hi-tech stuff in here though, featuring the likes of Technics, Shure and Sennheiser, all names well known in the music industry for making some of the most high quality stuff out there. Expect to see Mariah Carey toting one around during her next post freak-out concert entitled “I really love shiny objects”.

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