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…Design By Human is threadless?

Design By HumansDesign By Humans is a brand new, Threadless style store where artists can submit their designs, you can vote on them, and then everyone can buy the winners.

What makes DBH unique is their artist payment system. When shirts win the ‘Shirt Of The Day’ award, they go on to face other SOTDs for the ‘Shirt Of The Week’ award, and if they win that, they get to face other SOTWs for the ‘Shirt Of The Month’ award (and they haven’t gotten there yet, but I’d bet they’ll have a SOTY award somewhere down the line as well). Plus, as designs become more popular, the artists can win Rock Star Awards, earning them cash for every quantity milestone their design passes.

Another neat touch is the fact that they are using advanced printing techniques to really set their shirt designs apart.

The Robot Attack design (their first $5,000 winner), which is a collaboration of over 20 artists’ robot designs, uses gold and silver ink for a shimmer and a shine, and their Addition design features whip-stitched embroidery for a high class touch.

Check them out and see what you think, and if you like what you see, then use DYH’s exclusive coupon code (BPMZ77) to save 15% on your order. (Coupon code is valid for 7 days)

Sounds good, huh?

Thought so too.

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